Sunday, May 31, 2009

Here I Am

I know it seems as though I've been egnoring everyone-but I haven't.   Mom's been busy with this job search/research/talking on the phone thing....and then yesterday she had a terrible time with her headaches and barely got out of bed -  but here I am blurry pictures and all 

First - I got a package from Mason Dixie for winning the WIGGLE WALK - there were these yummy treats in it -  and a very nice note -  sadly mom and the camera didn't cooperate so well - but belive me they are terrific - and a BIG thanks to Mason Dixie for the treats!

On Friday I got a big box of goodies from my love Suzuki -  look at all those stamps from OZ
There were 3 shirts in the box - Suzi know how much I like to be dapper
There were snacks and toys
and one of those ropse that I love to play with
I'm looking at my box now!!!!
and a beer can...hehe

i'm chilling out in my new shirt

mom doesn't remember what was happening here - but obviously I wanted something from daddy
mom forgot to show my food bowls on True Colors Thursday - here they are
This is me playing with my favorite toy from Mason Dixie - sadly he was destuffed shortly after this photo was taken
jus me being me

me, another shirt another toy - also destuffed since this photo taken yesterday -  

I got groomed on Friday - mom will try to get some photos but she's just not up to snuff and I'm not cooperating so much either  -

Mom and Dad are going to Seattle on June 8 for an "opportunity"  - this is the new job thing they are looking at -  apparently I'm not going to be able to go - but I get to stay with my beloved Susanne - who has 4 dogs that play with me a lot - so I hope I don't miss them too much....I want to go too but mom says they will be very busy and I would have to be in the hotel room too much so she thinks I will be happier at Susanne's -  


  1. Hi Checkers,

    Wow wee you got lots of neat pressies! Sorry your mom isn't feeling to good. I hope she gets better soon and their trip goes well.

    Wags & wiggles,

  2. Checkers, you're one lucky pup! Are those Aussie treats anything exotic-flavored, like kangaroo?
    Hope your human feels better & don't miss them too much during their trip...with all those playmates, the time will fly!

  3. Wow! You've had quite a couple days gettin all that stuff in the mail. Do you bark at the mailperson? Or do you like it when they come? Your shirts look great on you. Keep de-stuffin those toys so they don't take over some day! Tell your mom to get better. ~Twix

  4. Those are all such nice pressies you got - you look quite snazzy in your new patriotic shirts. We hope Mom is feeling better soon and we wish her and Dad good luck with the job search.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  5. Checkers,

    Hi my little friend. I missed you so much wile my computer was sickly but we're up now can't wait to catch up on everybody. We'll be back soon to read up on what happened while we was gone.

    I got my summer haircut yesterday and Mommy is gonna post my before and after picutre. It's lots cooler naked.


  6. hey Checkers - good stuff you got there

  7. WOW!!! What fantastic toys and shirts. I hate wearing any shirts or sweaters... I'd rather freeze or eat worms than wear an outfit. You are such a good sport and looks so cute!!

    xo Sugar

  8. so glad you got your treats. =) and what loot from Suzuki, how special. good luck to your mom with the job hunt, it's a tough world we live in now.

  9. What grrrrreat stuff woo got from MD and Suzuki!

    We know woo aren't ignoring us - we are at the mercy of our hoomans!

    I'm sorry yours is feeling under the weather...

    I hope the Seattle opp goes well - my furiends Steve and Kat live there! Woo khould visit them if things work out!


  10. What nice pressies you got from Mason!
    We hope your mom feels better soon!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  11. Hi Checkers, Sorry your mom has migraines. My mama used to get them too, and they are no fun, And we wish them luck on the job search. What nice gifts you got! You are one specially cute lovable pup, and the whole world loves you- it is quite obvious.

  12. Hello my love!?
    I'm glad your package arrived ok.
    I hope your Mummy is feeling better soon :)
    Big licks to you

  13. WOW what awesome pressies and wonderful pictures


  14. Hi Checkers,

    Nice stuff you got there!!! That was some awesome weekend for you!


  15. Hi, Checkers! I like that patriotic shirt of yours and too bad you destuffed that toy, but I bet you had lots of fun doing it.

    Hope your mom is feeling better and gets a great job that she loves. Good luck to her!

  16. Great pressies Checkers! Lovely photos of you too, even if they do be a little blurry.
    ~lickies, Ludo

  17. Wow, Checkers... cool shirts and toys and treats!

    I sure hope your the Mom is feelin better! It sounds like you gonna have big fun at Susanne's, and beside, your the Mom and the Dad will be back before your know it!

    I am sorry I have not been round lately. I cannot type wif a cone on my head on a counta it is when the Mom gone... and then when she home, she on the compy workin...

    I am happy to have chance to catch up wif the you today!

    wif love from the Luke