Thursday, May 28, 2009

TRUE COLOURS - Cobalt Blue

Today's TRUE COLOUR is Cobalt Blue -  this was a snap for mom -  you see, she grew up in the Mississippi Delta on the banks of the Mighty Mississippi where the world famous Pup and Lee McCarty are from [friends of her mom's] - Pup and Lee create the most wonderful pottery pieces and mom has dozens of them - after all, every gal from the Delta knows how to entertain with style and grace.   We've taken pictures of a few pieces -  it would take her a week to photograph them all -  belive me when I tell you she has tons.    Most people buy it in the green or brown - but Mom has always loved the Cobalt so that's what most of her pieces are.   She has everything from a sugar bowl to huge serving platters.   She drinks Sweet Iced Tea from McCarty Tumblers, cocktails are from McCarty "highballs" -  she serves from McCarty Platters and Bowls - well, you get the picture - McCarty is very big in our house.   I even have my own McCarty Bowl!

The black mark you see is the McCarty signature  of the River running through  [that would be the Mississippi River :-) ]   Check out  Pup and Lee'ss site to get a feel of the Delta - where roots run deep, and history and culture have intertwined to create a place unique to the world.

If you want to play TRUE COLOUR  pop on over to Blue's Blog, let her know you are playing - post your colours and link back to TRUE COLOUR


  1. What beautiful pottery! Almost as beautiful as Checkers!

  2. That's lovely pottery! Little man's mum has a bit of a thing about collecting pottery too! Mind you, I don't have my own bowl from her pottery collection - must mention that to her!!

    lots of woofs

  3. Hi Checkers,

    WOW that is a lot of blue pottery! Very pretty.

    Wags & wiggles,

  4. those are beautiful pottery - my mommy wants to get some


  5. Absolutely love the pottery - it's wonderful & every piece I imagine is unique.
    Am going to check out Pup and Lee's site now.

    Love and pets & pets

  6. That is some urry cool pottery! We can't trust Tahlia with anything nice :(
    Big licks to you

  7. Maybe I can ask mom for a new water bowl with a river running through it!

  8. Sweet iced tea please... and some black eyed peas, fried okra, cornbread and a sliced tomato on a cobalt blue plate... thanks.

  9. I would like the same order as Tank please!

    Furry pretty khobalt blue pottery!

    Tank woo furry much fur sharing them!


  10. Hey Checkers! We love blue! Momma says it is the most beautiful color. I especially liked the "River Bottom" plate...gorgeous! ~Twix

  11. I wish to order as Tank did also please only unsweetened tea with sweet n low. ROFL Beautiful pottery your mama has Checkers. I think the black line representing the river is so neat!
    Dispatch and Mugsey when he's inside, eat out of ironstone bowls @ home. Why? Because they are heavy enough they can't pick them up and follow mama around with them when they are empty. Mama's mama collected pottery and china, neither Dispatch's mama nor her brother want any of it but the ironstone and the graniteware which is not pottery but the point is they both want the old rough stuff!! LOL

  12. Wow Checkers! Them's is some beautiful pieces of pottery! Our human mom LOVES different types of things like that. Maybe, one day, she'll take a trip up that-a-way and she'll have to buy us something REALLY Kool! You are such a little cutie~pa~tootie~!

    The Maniacal Cats

    PS...we're going to do the Paw~It~Forward too... :o) We would like to have YOU be one of our 3.

  13. Wow Checkers, nice cobalt collection! Nice job!


  14. Mom's favorite color - blue through and through. That pottery is just gorgeous.

    Tail wags, the blue-eyed OP Pack

  15. oooooooooooooh- your mom's pottery is just beautiful, Checkers!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  16. Your Mom has quite the collection!

  17. Beautiful pottery! My the Mom loves stuff like that! I impressed you got your own beautiful bowl!

    wif love from the Luke

    pee-ess I got a cobalt bleu bowl too, but it not near as nice as yours!

  18. Checkers - get over to my blog and sign up. Spread the word!!! Thanks, Tank

  19. Checkers bahroooooo - go see my "OH NO YOU DIDN'T FACE" on my blog from yesterday. My mom cant stop laughing @ it. Maybe your mom will laugh too.. Hope you have a doggytastic week end.. chase a stick for me..
    High Five - Bell!

  20. Hey Buddy, Your postcards are going ut today!
    Have a great weekend.
    XO-BabyRD & Hootie

  21. Whoaaaa... so interesting to see the pottery!

    Adele, Vincent & Bella

  22. Hi Cheakers!!!

    What a cool post :D
    We miss you :D
    Sorry we dont have been visiting a lot :(
    Aninhas is studing for her exams, so all the time she can spare is all for me and my plays with the ball :)
    Wish you are ok and happy :)
    I hope that in the end of the week aninhas have time for update my new adventures ;)
    And trust that all buddies will burst into laughter a lot ;)

    Give a big lick to your mum from me and aninhas ;)

    auf auf

    hugs and kisses from kikos world

  23. Hi Checkers , we love cobalt too.
    What a nice colletection you have!
    Thank you for sharring such beauty with us!