Monday, June 1, 2009

Visiting the VET - OUCH

Today I went to the vet - can you belive that the little one is actually taking me there?  Some friend she turned out to be!
I'm thinking about jumping DOWN from this table!

Livy decided it best to take hold of me
I'm begging - get me out of here
The put me in the CAT room......what were they thinking?
more cat diagrams
here comes Dr. Watson
the technician is goning to weigh me....
now she's telling me it will be okay - this is probably NOT  agood sign
I'm not buying her line
Livy's not buying it either
What the devil is she doing to me??????
Ouch, that hurts - watch where you put that thing!
I guess she's smiling because she didn't get stuck with that needle!
Livy is letting Dr. Watson know what she thinks of things
Still expressing herself
Now she's checking my eyes ---  I see just fine, thank you very much 
Now she'ls listening to my's beating just fine
Well.......that's the end of the photos - mom got distracted and didn't take anymore -  bottom line is I am just fine.........I now weigh a whopping 11 pounds and had to go to a bigger dose of my heartworm meds.......they put me on the 3 year vaccination plan which is better for my little liver -  I only got one vaccination today - and the kennel cough yucky stuff which I promptly tried to cough right back out -  I get the other one in 2 weeks -  easier on the liver - or something - all I know is I have to go back.......

Also - we went to K-Mart to day to get a new bike helmet for Livy - some grouchy lady at the checkout told mom I wasn't allowed in the store -  mom said, "well then I guess we aren't allowed to buy this helmet" - the grouchy lady said,  "oh I guess it's okay, he's small"     Then when we were leaving the parking lot the police had the intersection all blocked up and mom was not a happy camper having to sit there.........

We then went to get daddy and off we went to see the movie UP - mom snuck me in - I was very good....-  The movie is terrific -  except for the mean dogs  - Mom cried a lot in the movie - I didn't understand why but maybe if you have a menopausal mom she'll understand why! 

Okay -  we're going to take Livy out to ride her bike - hopefully we'll get some pictures.......


  1. Hi Checkers
    Sorry about the vet thingy. Penny had to go last week.
    Love Ruby & Penny

  2. Hey Checkers! I'm not a fan of the vet either. Glad you are healthy though. Hopefully you don't get ran over with the bike. ~Twix

  3. Glad that you got a good report at the vet. But we can't believe you got to go to the movies!!!! How did Mom manage that one?

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  4. Woo should DEMAND your chart states


    PeeEssWoo: I'm too big to be snukhk in anyplace!

  5. I like going to the vet. She has lots of smells (well, not her personally, but her office) and she gets down on the floor and plays with me!

  6. Hi Checkers, too bad you had to get stuck with that prickly thing. Otherwise, the vet isn't really all that bad, especially when they give you cookies!


  7. Hi Checkers,

    Any visit to the vet is a bad one as far as I'm concerned but Banjo would happily go back, wagging is little stubby tail the whole time, totally forgetting what happened the last time he was there. BOL

    How in the hec did you sneak into the movie? Does your mom carry a gigantic purse?

    Wags & wiggles,

  8. Vets are just like people drs... not happy unless they can find something wrong with you. I don't trust them. Add me to the list of pups impressed that you were able to sneak into a movie. Well done.

  9. hey Checkers, that vet visit doesn't sound like too much fun. we're glad that you didn't get tortured too much though. you deserve some treats for that abuse.

    good job on shopping and going to the movies. and thanks for the warning about UP. our mom doesn't like movies that make her cry, so now she knows not to watch that one.


  10. Hi, Checkers!
    Going to visit the Vet is not very fun!
    I hope everything went well!
    Then K-Mart and the movie!
    Sure you had a great day!
    Kisses and hugs

  11. It looks like visiting the vet was not all that bad huh!

    Glad you got a good report!

    You are soooo lucky to have seen that movie! We can't wait to see it. Think our parents could sneak us in?! BOL!

    Way to tell that lady at K-Mart!!!

    Chasing my tale...
    Addie, Lucie, and Hailey

  12. That was a long and great story about a lot of things - you have a very interesting life and a very good vet to care so much about your liver v. shots you get - good for your vet!!! And your got to go into a store? And to a MOVIE??? Wow, Checkers, I'm not allowed anywhere like those places (but I'm pretty big and hard to hide hehe!) Glad you're healthy and well!
    Hugs and xo,

  13. hI Checkers, I know the old vet visit is no fun at all, but glad your okay.
    There would be no sneaking me into a movie- I have a way of announcing to the world that I am present.
    Nasty rules at KMART

  14. Glad your have good report card on your check up. :)

  15. Hi Checkers,

    Usually our vet will come to our house but this Saturday, Vincent is going to the vet to get his "surgery". Yes, grandma said that it might be better for him to be neutered.

    Adele, Vincent & Bella

  16. Sounds like a fun day except for the vet part!! I never went to the movies but Rocky did. He told me he was asleep on the comfy chair and in the movie someone rang the doorbell and he jumped up barking. He said he forgot where he was. All the humans laughed.

    Diego Dog

  17. Hi Checkers!
    You should have btten the mean lady at K-mart :)
    I have a package here from you. Mum wont let me open it until Dad gets home, she wont tell me why, she just said it's a special package and Daddy will want to be here. Screw Daddy! I want my package!
    Big licks to you

  18. Hi Checkers... glad you're doing good -per your vet visit. That's funny you were snuck into the movies. i could NEVER sneak Bell in - EVEN IF I DID she'd run around all over everyone for their FOOD. My moms little Mini Schnauzer weights 17lbs.. HOLY MOLY - she jumped right on my gut w/out notice and WOAH - that's a lot of lbs lol.. I do have a lot of patience to post tons of pictures - Tell your mom I just cant decide which to post SO THEY ALL GO UP hee hee.. thanks for coming by and seeing them!!!

  19. Awhh your pictures are so cute!!!
    My summer plans arent really that much, Mom wants to chill with her friends all summer cuhz She goes to 9th grade & most of her friends arent going to the same school as her.
    Waht are your summer plans ?

  20. so brave - i am not a good girl at the vets

    good to know you are okay


  21. OMD...the vet???? YUCK! Hope it wasn't too horrible. :) Glad Livy was there with you. :)


  22. wow a trip to the vet and your little pal took you, is that being a traitor? mom saw UP too but I did not get to go. glad you did. =)

  23. Hey there Checkers,
    You were a very patient patient :-)
    I'm impressed your mom took all those great shots during your exam!
    Did you sleep during the movie?

  24. O the Checkers... in this episode, you went place I hate to go... place I never thought bout goin... and place I would love to go!!!

    I tole the Mom get me a trench coat on a counta she gotta sneak me in the movies! (Will let you know how that work out!)

    wif love from the Luke

  25. Checkers, you are so lucky that you are small enough to get snuck in to places. Baby would have to go disguised as a table or something! hehe. I could go as a very hairy toddler probably. But neither of us would be acting like a table or kid. We like to lick faces and I love to jump up on everyone. Mommy just said I am really obnoxious sometimes. Same to you Momo!! XXX-Hootie
    ps-that WallyMart woman was RUDE.You should have bit her.