Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Story of Chess

Checkers the Peek-A-Poo
Checkers here -  I want to tell you the story of how Chess made it into MY forever home.

Once upon a time a little puppy went to live in what he thought was his forever home.  For over two years he frolicked and played and had a happy life.   Then one day, this “Little Guy” was separated from this forever home. 

He was scared but he was brave and he walked and walked trying to find his way back.  After a while he began to get nervous.  He was now watching the cars go by hoping that someone from his home would scoop him up and take him back.  They never did.

This “Little Guy” didn’t know that a very wonderful lady named Eva had seen him and was becoming very concerned about him.  She could tell that he was tired and lost.  So, one morning after taking her son to school she decided to pick him up but she couldn’t find him.  Eva worried that he had been hurt. 

A couple of days passed before she saw him again.  She stopped her car hoping he would come to her so she could help him.  Realizing this lady was not anyone he knew he just trotted away to keep looking for someone he knew.

Eve had never tried to rescue a dog before but she was determined to save this “Little Guy”.  She went home and found some dog rescue videos on a website call GodVine.  Now she knew what to do.  She got a cup of water and put some food into a bowl.  It was cat food because the pieces were smaller.  Less than a block away she saw the “Little Guy”.  She drove up near him and stopped the car.  This time when she opened the car door she shook the bowl of food so he could hear it.

That was all it took for the “Little Guy” to come up to her.  He hurried over.  He was so hungry he wanted to start eating right in the middle of the road but, Eve steered him to the curb where they would both be safe.

Chess when Eve found him
As hungry as he was he didn’t particularly like the cat food!  I mean, really, it was CAT food!  So, she offered him the water.  The “Little Guy” drank and drank and drank.  She thought he was going to drink the whole cup of water at once.   Once he had finally quenched his thirst he went back to the cat food and ate every single morsel.

I'm not sure I could every be hungry enough for CAT food.

After she knew he was satisfied she scooped him up into her arms and placed him into a pet carrier.  She wanted to keep him but knew that she couldn’t so she took him to the Oak Ridge Animal Shelter.

Can you believe his owners NEVER EVER looked for him?  Anyway, back to the story.

The wonderful people at the Shelter took him and paid lots of attention to him.  He was covered in filth and  fleas.  They put some flea stuff on him.   Because of some stupid law they couldn’t bathe him or clean him up for three [3] business days.   That stupid law didn’t stop Eva from trying to get started on a forever home though.

Eva posted his picture on a FaceBook page called “What’s Happening In Oak Ridge”.  That is where my mom saw his picture.  Mom told them that if no one had claimed him she would rescue him before she let anything else [you know what I mean] happen to him.  But then, a lady with a little 6 year old, said she wanted him.  So mom said,  “OK, as long as he will be taken care of.”  

Boy, was I relieved!!!!

Well the time passed for the law to allow for him to be adopted and the lady went to see this “Little Guy”.  When she got there she saw a tiny little puppy and fell in love with him.  Now let me tell you that tiny little puppy is going to be a BIG dog one day and that lady is going to be surprised I think!   The lady sent mommy a note that she was not going to take the “Little Guy”.   Well, mom couldn’t handle that so she and daddy and I headed to the shelter to see if the “little guy” and I were going to get along.

Mommy went inside to get him while Daddy and I waited outside in the play area.  Mommy brought him out.  HE WAS SO DIRTY!!!!!  We did fine.  He was a little shy and I got bored really fast but mom and dad had fallen in love and it was obvious this little rat, um, I mean “little guy” was probably coming to our house.
Mom went in to tell the people that if no one took the “little guy” in the next 2 days we would take him.  Apparently there were several people interested.  It didn’t take 2 days…Mom called them back late that afternoon to tell them we’d be there the next day.   Mommy  said we would name him “Domino”,   Daddy said  “No, we’re going to call him Chess”.   

Something happened that I had never seen before, Daddy won!  Now the "little guy" is called Chess.  And, mommy is so confused because she has Checkers, Chess and Chant [the cat]!

We went in the next morning to fill out the paperwork.  The “little guy”  still had some “brass”  so they had to go.   The kind folks at the shelter said they would snip them off and that we should come back late that afternoon.

Mom called around 4 to see if he was ready.  The shelter folks said yes and that we should come on over.  When we got there the Chief of Police and 3 other policemen were there playing with the doggies and kitties.   That's what they said anyway,  I think they were checking out the "little guy"  for "Wants  and Warrants".

Mom and I know the Chief  [don’t ask how, BOL]  so we talked to him for a while as we waited for Chess.   I was telling the Chief how it would be fine with me if  HE wanted to take Chess home.  He scoffed at my suggestion and told me that he was sure Chess and I would be good buddies.  He then told mom he was looking forward to reading to the 2 leggers again at Pumpkin Fest and he left.

They still hadn’t brought Chess out but they were all running around like crazy people.  One policeman was still there doing his volunteer time so went to the back to “help”.   We were waiting still!!!  Then the policeman came out and said  “Oh that poor little guy!”   HUH?  Poor Little Guy?   Was he talking about our new “little guy”?   Mom asked.  The policeman stammered, he looked like he had stepped in some poop!   Daddy said “is he the little black and white one?”    The policeman said  “Uh, uh, I shouldn’t say anything.”

they bring him out

Mom was about to stroke out.  Daddy wanted to go to the back to see him.  They wouldn’t let him.  Daddy said “I’m going, he’s my dog”.   The policeman said,  “I’ll go”.  After a few minutes a shelter worker came out with Chess all wrapped up in a towel.  He looked so sad. 

me telling him it will be okay
You see, when he woke up, before they could get the cone on him, he had licked out his stitches and….well, let’s just say he had to be rushed over to the vetty office for some repair work.  [Mommy and Daddy think this was a lapse in care that should be addressed, but that will happen another day]

Mommy and Daddy were almost in tears and the very big policeman was looking a little queasy.  I felt bad for the “little guy”  but I was secretly relieved that I would have one more night alone!

The shelter called mommy the following morning to tell us we could go get him.  Mommy dressed me up in my “Go Dawgs”  harness and took another one for Chess.   I mean it was a Football Day and they were playing Tank’s , Missouri , so we had to show support for our Dawgs.   DAWGS  beat Missouri   41 – 20 !!!   Perhaps if Tank hadn’t had so much gas the previous evening, passing it all the way to Athens, then Missouri might have played better.  ROFBMAO
me and  daddy waiting

We went to the vetty office to pick him up since he had spent the night there.  And we had to wait and wait and wait.

here he comes

Finally they brought him out!  Hey! what's that thing on his head?

Mommy!  Help!

They gave him to daddy.  I wasn't really sure about this!  I want my mommy!

Now the "little guy" Chess was headed for his new forever home.   I got in my car seat, but because of the cone Chess wouldn't fit so mom put him in one of  MY carriers and put him in the front seat.   I didn't really like that so I kept sticking my head on the console to remind her I was still there.

When we got home my 2 legged brother was there fixing the dripping sink in the kitchen.  I just ran in to play with him.  Daddy brought Chess in.  He roamed around with that thing on his head.  I ignored him mostly.   They laid him down on one of my many beds but, he didn't stay on it.   I think it was too soft and hurt his swollen behind.

I'm the boss - don't forget it!

We walked around a bit.  I got up into his face to let him know who the boss was and that as long as he has that thing on his head I'm not having anything to do with him.

sleeping soundly

Since he didn't like any of my beds, mom put a soft Santa blankie on the floor and he went of to sleep and slept for 5 hours.  Apparently he was on drugs which explains why the police were at the shelter in the first place.  BOL

I'm watching you

I kept an eye on him from under the table or perched on a chair or the sofa

how am I supposed to eat this?
Once he woke up he was very hungry but when he tried to eat he couldn't manage with that silly cone.  Mom put some food in her hand and he gobbled it up like he hand't eaten in days!    Water was another issue.  If he could get to the bowl when he finished it would flip from the cone and make a mess.  Mom must have taken out about a thousand bowls to find one that the cone would go over but wouldn't flip.  

We don't have any pictures of this because Mom was too stressed over finding a bowl and cleaning up the mess this little rat, er, I mean, Chess was making.

For the rest of the evening he would get up and down.  Sitting very gingerly!  He went outside and did his "business"  making mommy very happy.  He would come up to me on occasion but I just ignored him because I do not like that cone.  I think he may be from another planet.

Daddy spent a lot of time with him during the Georgia/Missouri Game.  You know the one that Georgia won!   I shoved my way in to remind Daddy that I was here too and I got lots of snuggles too.  I put some toys out for him, even though I knew he couldn't get to them because of the cone.  But it was fun watching him try to get them!  BOL!

Finally it was bedtime.  They put the little rat, er, Chess into the laundry room.  Mom said it was so I wouldn't help him with licking his rear.  YUCK!  I'm not going there she could have just left him.  

I went to sleep in mommy and daddy's room and dreamed of being alone again!  But when I woke up he was still here and that cone is still on his head.

Checkers & Chess

Oh well, that's how Chess came to his REAL FOREVER HOME.  Nobody around here will lose him and I'm pretty sure I'll warm up to him when the cone goes away.   I might even learn to share my beds and toys and other stuff with him!

  Besides, he can't be that bad, he looks a lot like me!


  1. Awww! What a great new beginning! Once he loses the cone, he'll be ok - right? Besides, if he helped cheer on the Dawgs (esPECially against Mizzou!), he can't be all bad! Ha ROO!!!
    Play bows,

  2. Checkers, that is a beautiful(sniff sniff) story! Chess is really a cutie and he does look an awful lot like you. I bet you can teach him all kinds of things. I understand that he must understand that you are the boss no matter what and Mommy is yours first. If he gets that I am sure it will work out fine. Good luck and welcome to Chess.

    Loveys Sasha

  3. How did you know I had gas?? I don't remember telling you that. You're gonna feel really bad for laughing at me cause I've been sick since I got home from that vile kennel. The VET diagnosed me with "stress induced diarrhea." NOT a laughing matter! Maybe I'll see the humor someday, but it's going to take a loooooong time. My asst. said the VET visit and medicine to make me better cost as much as the 6 days in kennel hell... hopefully she's learned her lesson and won't abandon me again.

    As far as Mizzou football goes.... I could care less. I actually live in Kansas although my asst. grew up in MO, but she doesn't care either.

    I hope Chess can help you come out of your shell a little. BOL

  4. He does look a lot like you, Checkers! Maybe the softer Comfy E-collar might be easier on Chess? We think both you and Chess will get along just fine after a couple of days!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  5. Thanks for sharing the story of Chess!
    He is know in the best hands.
    Taje care
    Kisses and hugs

  6. That's a lovely story and you guys sure are cute together :) especially your names!!

  7. What an absolutely wonderful story, brought a little tear or two to the Mom's eyes! We are so furry glad that Chess has a forever home with you and we just know that you will be the ultimately big brother to him!

    Extra Special Waggles & Chi kisses just for you, Chewy & Lilibell