Monday, September 10, 2012

Chess goes to the Vet

Today was the day to take Chess to the vetty to find out how his former jewels are doing.  As you can see mom dressed him up for the visit.  I have absolutely no idea why Mom has the need to dress us up all the time, but what can I do?  I was not at all bothered by the visit to the vet as I knew I was not getting probed.  

All of our clothes are custom made by the fabulous Sharon Trylovich at 
Try Lov Designs  [that's their FB page] here's the website  Try Love Designs

Chess getting ready for the vetty
Checkers playing with his toy

Daddy was sure holding Chess close before Dr. Andy came in.  I don't know why daddy looks so mean because he is the bestest daddy ever.  

Look at the picture of that pretty Huskie behind Daddy.

I thought it was my job to watch the door for Dr. Andy - I was trying to protect the little guy!
Checkers watching the doorI 
Sharon also makes our collars and leashes -  she is totally pawsome!

Since Dr. Andy got past me  it would not have been any fun if I hadn't been able to tease him from the chair.   So, I was a good big brother doing my job of taunting him.

And, NO Tank, that is not my purse!  

Dr. Andy came in and started a file on Chess.  The little rat weighed a little over 10 pounds.  I was shocked!  He's so doggone skinny I figured he'd be about 8 pounds.

Chess looking at Dr. Andy

Chess gave mommy a pleading look to get him off the table.

please get me out of here

As you can see Chess was thoroughly humiliated by Dr. Andy.   To make matters worse it seems that Chess is still very swollen and it looks and feels [yikes] like he still has a testicle.  Apparently the sack has blood in it....or worse, he might have a hernia.  If he has a hernia he will have to have surgery again!  By now Mommy was about to stroke out!  WHERE IS THE XANAX?

really Dr. Andy - that's kind of personal

As a treat, Daddy took the collar off of Chess for a little bit.

no cone!
Chess found it much easier to eat and drink with out the collar.  He never even looked up for a picture.  He also cut the furs on his face, and took a warm wash cloth to wash his legs and face [mostly because he STINKS]  but we don't have any pics of that because this was just making mommy even more stressed.

Chess getting some grub

He apparently doesn't have any manners because when he finished eating he wiped his mouth on the rug.  Again, STRESS for Mom.

Once he finished eating he was put back into the cone.  

Mom figures it's 5:00 somewhere so she's checking the freezer for some iced Vodka to go with that Xanax!


  1. Wow Checkers, that was quite a day! Poor Mommy, I hope she is feeling all relaxed by now. I feel bad for Chess, the poor guy was so humiliated and now he might have to go back for more ouchies. He is such a cutie and the two of you make a very nice pair. I am glad you didn't have to go through any humiliation this time and you were there to support your new brother. I am thinking with the cone on, that you still have the best shot on Mommies lap so that is a good thing also. I hope things improve and the little guys privates get better soon. I am sure glad I don't have junk hanging down there.

    Loveys Sasha

  2. What? Do you mean it's rude to rub your face on the carpet after eating dinners? Who woulda thunk that???

    We have our paws crossed for poor Chess... hope he doesn't need more surgeries and he heals up real quick like.

    Sam and Pippen

  3. Oh-oh!
    Sure I hope everything is going to be ok!
    I loved to do that after my dinners... but "someone" took away the carpet from the house!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  4. Did some quack do Chess's surgery?? Why is he having so many problems???

    Sure the purse isn't yours Checkers. We all believe that.

  5. We sure hope you're feeling better today, Chess, and we're glad that you got a break from the evil cone!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  6. Vets are scary :( but Chess, hope you're alright and everything ❤