Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Better Day for Chess

Checkers here -  We have had a much better day here.  Chess has been up and about and I've even begun to warm up to him!

But before we tell you about our day we want to pay tribute to all the lives lost on 9/11 and to the heroes of that treacherous day in our history!  We also want to thank all the soldiers who fight for our country every day to keep us safe.

Okay - now for news of the day.  We hope your day was pawsome!

Chess got out of his cone to eat again today - he's a hungry little guy!

As you can see - Mom once again found the need to dress him up!  Actually, he is rather chilly since his fur has been shaved so I shared a sweater with him.  [Sweater design by Melissa Langer and Pug Notes]
The runt NEVER looks up from his food!

I had some loving time with Daddy while he was eating.

Chess here -  I'm through eating and now checking out where everyone is!

They have deserted me and gone to the deck.  I'm considering crossing the threshold to get to them.  

I managed to get to the deck and spent some time looking around to see if they would notice me.   I'm so glad I have a sweater because I'm rather chilly. 

I'm here -  could somebody pay attention!

Why does Checkers get to sit with Daddy?

Could you pick me up too?

Checkers is not interested in me!  Why is he so sad?

Check it out - the two of us with daddy!!!!

It must be a miracle - Checkers and I are playing kissy face!

We started sniffing - we ARE going to be friends.

All alone - AGAIN!

Checkers finds a leaf more interesting than me!

Well - that's it - but it was a pawsome day for me!  And I'm feeling better!

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  1. Chess, I am so glad you are better today, I hope your privates are not hurting so much. You have a really nice home and family, you are a lucky guy.

    Checkers, I can see you are trying and that is very nice of you. I hope things work out, it might be fun having a brother.

    Loveys Sasha