Friday, August 26, 2011

Let's Feed the Doggies and Get Them Adopted

Well, after my post last night I had the brilliant idea to FEED the doggies and get them adopted instead of feeding the kiddies -  Let the person who came up with that idea figure it out -  I'm  gonna feed the doggies.

SARG - our local  rescue/foster care for shelter doggies - also comes to PUMPKIN FEST with a booth and all their doggies and kitties.  They dress the up for Halloween and they join the parade.   So I figure,  let all the doggies from Blogdom and Facebook help those doggies and kitties out.  There's a "DONATE" link  -  you can donate $1, $10 or even $100.   Just think about it - if we tell all our friends and everybody donates a little bit - we can have pictures of hundreds of dogs on a BIG Banner - that the "Great Pumpkin"  errrr.....Mom .... will pay for that says we support Shelter Animals.

It will be so neat -  so please tell your friends.

The "Great Pumpkin"  Created a special link on the Pet page for donations to the shelter - just so people don't think their donation is going to something else.....of course if you want to donate to kids you can do that too :-)

Be sure that after you make your donation you send us a 300 dpi photo of you and your name  -   send to  -  The Great Pumpkin will need that to make the Banner -  you need to get your photo in by 9/15 to be included on the banner

Let's show them how much we care!

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  1. Hi Checkers!! We sure did miss you...of course Mama took a VERY LONG BREAK we get it!! We wanted to let you know that we linked you to our post today so everyone could come and know where to go to help the Tennessee puppies!!

    Mama will be heading over as soon as she finds the awful halloween picture of me as a squirrel...*sigh*

    Thanks for the great way to help our furriends in need!