Friday, August 26, 2011

it's been a long time

It's been a long time since we were here letting all our friends know what's happening.  Sorry - nothing too exciting!   Mom's moving her office and has been leaving me at home - A LOT - I'm not liking that -  but then, it's hot and at least I'm in the air conditioning.

There's a new doggie in the office.  Yep - mom is sharing an office space with a lady that has a little dog named Sugar.   She is a Yorkie - Peek-a-Poo !   Maybe she's related to me!  Well, I'm going to be the dominant one in that office.  You walk in she squats down then rolls over for belly rubs.....pretty neat trick but I'm not buying.   She's only 1/2 my size so I just go over and sit on her!

Mom is busy getting ready for the Pumpkin Festival  .   She's trying to raise sponsor money now - some brilliant board member decided to have all free food for the kids - but didn't figure out how to pay for it - So now mom's scrambling.   If you want to help her out you can go to the WebSite  Pumpkin Festival  and donate a couple of bucks.  $10 will feed 5 kids.    She's expecting about 1000 of those little two leggers!

She's also working on her Holiday Market -  She's real pleased because she got TWO Media Sponsors for this she will have lots of media coverage.  YEAH MOM!!!!   She's got that big 60" Christmas Tree that used to be in the lake at Dollywood and she has a real live sleigh that Santa will be sitting in for picture taking.   She's also got carolers, and chestnuts and lots of new vendors.   She is bound and determined that this will be the largest Holiday Event in East Tennessee within 5 years.     Go mom! Go!

Of course, she's go Board Members who are mean and nasty.   I keep telling her they are just jealous because they can't do what she does so they keep trying to stir the pot up.  Karma!  Karma!  Karma!

That's what happening with us..........What are all of you up to?   I heard that Tank was fighting with Sam and Pippen.  Now he's concerned about the lack o food he's getting -  and something about N. Dakota!  Oh yeah and he is really HAWT!    Well if he makes it to N. Dakota, tell him to stop and see my mom's favorite niece up in Minot.   She's got a little two legger and a hubby that flys those big bomber planes -

well - gotta go good night!


  1. Hi Checkers this is MAX. My mom won't let me have my own facebook page yet. She says I need to be a little older. Maybe you can talk to her. Anyway, tell your mom to keep up the good work on the fundraisers. My mom does that for her Service League too! Nothing as grand as yours but they are getting ready for their 2nd Annual Golf Tournament so I haven't seen her much lately. Talk to you soon :) p.s. I'm a Peek-A-Poo too....we ROCK!!!

  2. Well hi MAX - I'll have "The Great Pumpkin" errr - Mom talk to your mom about a FB or Bloggie page for you - your mom can get in touch with my mom through my email peekapoocheckers [a]