Tuesday, May 19, 2009

100th Post

This is my 100th post - Can you believe it?  I can't!   Boy I've really kept mom busy since the economy put their business is in the toilet!   

I'm okay - but,  I've had a couple of liver issues for the past couple of days so we dropped by to see Dr. Watson to get some lactulose and denamarin -  She's so sweet - I can't be doing too bad tho because I weigh 10.9 pounds.......mom thinks it's too much.  Dr. Watson didn't complain.   Mom thinks I weigh too much because I'm not pooping.  Thus the lactulose.

Okay - now  - back to my 100th post!!!!!!      I tried and tried to think of something special to do.......but mom is just too tired to help me think.    Finally,  I think I came up with something that I hope will make all doggies happy.   So......here it is.....for the first 10 doggies to comment on this post  I will donate a 10 lb. bag of dog food to the local shelter in your name.....so that is a total of TEN [10]  10 lb bags or  100 lbs. of yummy kibble to the local shelter.   I will ask that you send me your snail mail address so that we can send you a "Thank You" certificate that you can use for your "taxes"  -   You can peemail me @  peekapoocheckers@gmail.com  to give me your snail mail addy if you want a certificate!  So what do you think???????

Now a few memory photos.........awwwwwww

Now - I want to thank all of you pups for your friendly natures, your senses of humor and your kindness to me and other doggies.   I so enjoy visiting your blogs everyday  and seeing your photos and hearing about your lives.   I won't name anyone in particular because I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings.  I want each of you to know that you are special in your own way to me.

To celebrate my 100th post I am listing  100 things about me.....
  1. I am a Peek-A-Poo
  2. I am Black and White
  3. I was born on February 22, 2008 -  February 22 is also my hooman daddy's b'day
  4. I got VERY sick on my 1st birthday
  5. I am alright now
  6. I weigh 10.9 lbs
  7. That is 2.5 lbs more than when I got sick [dad says I'm getting to be a Tank - hehe]
  8. I love my mommy
  9. I love my daddy
  10. My mommy loves me
  11. My daddy loves me
  12. I love the little one Livy
  13. The little one Livy is crazy about me
  14. I love to chew - the chewier the better
  15. I have a teeny tiny liver
  16. I love chewing on anything rawhide
  17. I cannot have anything rawhide  - I ask you, IS THIS FAIR?
  18. I like to get dressed in the morning when daddy gets dressed
  19. I stand in the closet until someone gets my clothes out and dresses me
  20. I stand up on my hind legs to make it easier to dress me
  21. I know how to push mom's buttons when it comes to getting what I want to eat
  22. I have a doggie door
  23. I go in an out the doggie door all day long
  24. I like my doggie door
  25. I have a comfy doggie bed in the Living Room 
  26. I like to play with that doggie bed and drag it around and attack it
  27. I have an even comfier doggie bed in the bedroom - 
  28. I sleep in my doggie bed in the bedroom 
  29. I have 2 more doggie beds that are around wherever I drag them to so that I have them whenever I need them!
  30. Every morning around 7:00 I get up and whine until daddy puts me in the bed
  31. I can jump up on the bed - but I'd rather he get up and get me
  32. I am allowed to sit on the furniture
  33. I can jump really high
  34. I love to eat duck poo
  35. Mom does not like me eating duck poo
  36. I love to chase the ducks
  37. I graduated from obedience school
  38. I'm not very obedient
  39. I bark at the slightest sound when it's dark outside
  40. I don't much give a flip about what I'm barking at I just don't like being disturbed
  41. I'm terribly cute
  42. Everywhere I go with mom and dad people are always going  "ooooh"  and "aaaaaah"...all that "oooooohing"   and "aaaaaaaahing"  can become tiresome
  43. Strangers are always wanting to pet me - it's okay - I like them
  44. I like to run very fast
  45. I like to play ball
  46. I love to play with a plastic bottle 
  47. I like to ride in the car
  48. I'm not crazy about going to the vet but I do like Dr. Watwon
  49. I'm not crazy about going to the groomer - I like Doug and all but I don't like the grooming stuff
  50. I like treats - do you?
  51. I like playing with other nice dogs 
  52. I don't like aggressive dogs
  53. I just walk away and go to mom when aggressive dogs are around
  54. The dog park is nice but
  55. I prefer Melton Lake
  56. I was neutered when I was 4 months old
  57. I squat when I pee 
  58. I poop on the deck
  59. Mom checks my poop daily
  60. If I don't poop mom freaks out  [mom is freaking today]
  61. I get tired of it raining alot 
  62. I'm not really afraid of thunder - 
  63. But.....I don't like it when it gets really loud and rolls - are you scare of rolling thunder?
  64. I don't like strangers outside my house
  65. I'm cool when they come in
  66. I love Susanne - where I stay if mom and dad absolutely have to leave me
  67. I love to travel with mom and dad
  68. I like to see new places 
  69. I have a terrific car seat 
  70. I sit very patiently in my car seat when we travel
  71. I usually get turkey jerky when we travel
  72. I hate wearing a collar 
  73. I pretend that I am choking to death when I walk with a leash when I have a collar on and mom freaks out and generally takes the leash off so that I can breathe  [hehe] -  Daddy does not fall for this trick
  74. I generally wear a halter when I have to wear a leash - thereby avoiding the choking drama!
  75. I love playing with cats
  76. I have 3 cats - Chant, Liza and Louie
  77. I am supposed to eat kibble
  78. I prefer it when mom cooks
  79. I  HATE wet dog food
  80. I'm not fond of dog biscuits
  81. The lady at the bank always gives me a biscuit -
  82. I'm always polite to the lady at the bank by wiggling my tain and pretending I like her biscuits
  83. I do not eat the biscuit the lady at the bank gives to me
  84. I like Cheerios
  85. I can not have more than 15 Cheerios a day  - who counts Cheerios you ask?  MY MOM!
  86. I really like yogurt drops
  87. I can only have a maximum of 6 yogurt drops a day  - again with the counting!
  88. I used to like yogurt
  89. I refuse to eat yogurt anymore since I got sick - getting sick had nothing to do with yogurt but I will not eat yogurt anymore.
  90. I do eat cottage cheese - but I'm only allowed one tbsp  
  91. I love Ice Cream 
  92. They limit my Ice Cream too......I get one REALLY big tablespoon full  - but with the liver issues the last couple of days they aren't giving me any!!!! That sucks!
  93. I am an "only pup"
  94. I do not put my toys back in my basket when I'm through with them  - and recently I've taken to getting them out when mom puts them up - this makes her laugh -  so I must continue with this charade -  I learned that trick from Bijou!
  95. I jump on people when they come in the house - even tho mom tells me not to!
  96. I jump on people when I meet them - even tho mom tells me not too!  [remember I  graduated from obedience schoo - I've got a diploma and all -  do you think mom paid them off to graduate me?]
  97. I have made many friends here on Blogger.com
  98. Bijou was my very first friend on Blogger.com
  99. Mason Dixie sent me my very first package ever
Whew - do you know how hard it is to come up with 100 things about yourself??????

Remember for the 1st 10 to post I will donate 10 lbs of kibble to our local shelter in your name....


  1. I think I'm first - yea! Congratulations Checkers on this achievement. I hope you get to celebrate with some ice cream. Woof, Tank

  2. Congratulations and happy 100th! I hope you feel better soon!

  3. Ohhh we be third!! Happy 100th post Checkers! Do carry on blogging ... we enjoy reading your posts very much!

    Licks and Wags

    Tuffy and the Dog Woods Pack

  4. w00fs, geesh thats a lot of info from one pup...but here goes, congrats on ur 100th post....and me loved ur piksur album....ok the 100 things, heehee dont think me nos 100 things bout me...me has never had duck poo...is it good... me loves to ride in the car...and mama calls me a wild child...

    b safe,

  5. Hi Checkers,

    Congratulations of your 100th post! So happy for you and glad to learn more about you from the 100 stuff about you :)

    Sorry to hear about your liver issues.

    Adele, Vincent & Bella

  6. Hi Checkers

    Congratulations on your 100th post - we think that is a really wonderful idea to donate to your local shelter! Well done to your Mommy for coming up with that idea!

    We loved reading the 100 things about you - the little man found some of them very funny!

    Have a lovely day and we hope you'll be feeling back on top form very quickly!

    lots of woofs

  7. Congratulations on 100 posts my love! Mummy will beposting your package tomorrow. I hope you like your outfits :) I brought them with the picture of you wearing them in my mind.
    Big licks to you

  8. Khongrats!

    On the 100th Post,
    The 100 Things,
    and fur just being WOO!

    Have a grrrreat Tuesday!

    What a great way to celebrate your post!


  9. Congrad congratu ahhhhh Happy 100th. You look so good for 100.

    Bobo and Meja the Sharpei puppies

  10. Congrats on your 100th post!

    WOW what a great list about you!!

    And making a donation of dog food too! That is very generous!!

    Chasing my tale...
    Addie, Lucie, and Hailey

  11. Congrats on your 100th post that is absolutely wonderful - and love the list - i dont think i have 100 things about me - i am mommy trainwreck and she loves me but i am boring.


  12. Wow Checkers! Congrats on the 100th post! I sure know a lot about you now. I'm with you on the Cheerios! We all get some every morning. We won't let mom go to work unless she coughs up the goods.


  13. Congrats with the 100th post. It will take us forever to reach that goal as our puppies paws are too small to type. LOL!!!!

  14. We missed the top ten - but you are one of our top favorite furry pals on the net!

    Happy 100th post!
    You're younger than me and a little bigger.
    But only by a pound or two!
    I was on a semi-diet. Gained a little over the winter. So I can relate ...

    - Chloe

  15. Great post, you are a VERY interesting dog Checkers. Dispatch doesn't eat the biscuit the lady @ the bank give him either. If I tell her not to she does anyway and then he will take it and pretend to eat it, he drops it when we drive away. Sheesh......
    That is SO nice of your mama to donate dog food to the shelters, we have to all remember our furry friends need help too in these economic hard times.

  16. wow
    congrats Chekers!!!
    So did you realy have a diploma?
    Very cool!!!

    hugs ang kisses from kikos world

  17. What a great post for your 100th, seems just like yesterday I met you.=) Thanks for sharing all those great things about you, whew 100 things that is a lot to come up with.

  18. Wow, congrats on #100 but mega congrats on this post - you did a fantastic job on those 100 items AND the donation idea is just pawesome.

    Woos, the OP Pack

    Pee Ess, hope you are feeling better.

  19. Happy 100 post, Checkers! Wow! 100 things is a lot of things to come up with and you did a great job of it!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  20. Congrats on your 100th post Checkers.

    That is a really nice thing to do, to donate the food to celebrate your 100th post.

    We are sorry to hear that you have had some Liver problems. We hope that the medication will help you.

    Wow..that is a long list, we agree with your #41. :-)

    Holly & Zac...XX

  21. wow i loved the 100 things about you and i loved your generous idea of sharing with the sad doggies at the shelter- keep an eye out in your snail mail i want to send you a special card

  22. Congratulations on your 100th post, Checkers!
    I hope you are feeling better now!
    Thanks for sharing those 100 things about you!
    Kisses and hugs

  23. Hi Checkers,

    CONGRATULATIONS on your 100th post! Sorry I'm just now commenting on that. The stoopid blogger thingy failed to let me know you had made a new post.

    Very nice of you to donate all that doggy food to the shelters. I'm sure they will appreciate that!

    Wags & wiggles,

  24. Congratulations and wow what a very nice thing you do for the doggies what not got as much as the me and the you!

    I love your hunnerd things. That was real funny! We agree on #61, and you more brave than me cuz you know how I feel bout #62 and 63!

    Sure hope you beed feelin better soon!

    wif love from the Luke

  25. HI Checkers
    First of all , I have to say I am so far behind in making my updates. Second I wanted to say congratualtions on your 100 th post. But not only that your mom and dad need the BIG HEART AWARD that I made a few months ago. I say go get it cause they have big hearts to do all that donating. And then then the heart ache of dealing with all those unwanted pets is too much to even think about. Your pawrents are awsome and so are you.
    You asked me where I got my birthday outfit with the gum drops on it? Well mama made it for me!
    What a nice job on your post you did,

  26. Congrats on your 100th post! And on winning the Wiggle Walk - very exciting!