Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It Is NOT A Wordless Wednesday

Thanks for all the nice comments on my 100th post.   Mom said, don't expect 200 things about me when we get to 200!!!!!!!!!!

Mom and I went to the feed store to buy food for the shelter - we sort of had to "rearrange" our plans as there is no such thing as a 10 lb bag of this is what we did....we bought ten -  5lb bags of  assorted California Naturals -some puppy, some big dog food  and one  50 lb bag of Canidae All Life Stages for a total of 100 lbs as promised......

then we attached a little certificate to each bag of food with your name and picture on it - [click to biggify if youo want] and I were feeling bad that all of our other blog buddies didn't get to have their own bag so we bought a 2nd 50 lb bag of Canidae All Life Stages and put a note on it with all of your pictures and names on that was a total of 150 lbs of food for the shelter! messed up and didn't get a picture of the front of that bag [see it flying in the wind]  - the sun was shining and she couldn't see what she was taking a picture of ........remember "old, blonde, southern" ..... that explains everything!!!!!  [pee ess   that is NOT a picture of mom - that is a picture of the lady at the feed store - trust me mom was not carrying 50 lb bgs of food.....BOL .... she thinks I'm heavy!]
Now that all the food is in mom's tiny trunk we head to the shelter - we should have let daddy go because mom had a menopausal breakdown while we were there.....first of all when we got out of the car a man said   " oh, don't turn her in, I'll take her that dog is perfect for my little girl"   then he keeps rattling on about not having to sign paperwork and stuff  if she'll just give me to him in the parkig lot -   Sheeeesh.....we were barely even out of the car and some guy is trying to kidnap me - as if that were even a possibility!!!!!!!  And, he thought I was a girl!!!!! got flustered and bent down to pick me up for fear somebody might snatch me and run away with me - you know me being so cute and all!..... she said "oh no, I'm not leaving my dog!  why would you even  think that!"  -  you see, it never dawned on mom that people actually LEAVE their animals there.  DUH!  Mom, it is a "shelter"!!!!    

Now mom has a death grip on me becuase the man is following too close and as we  walk accross the parking lot mom says to me "oh isn't this great - look at all these people here to adopt."  [you know in that silly, I'm a nut case who talks to my dog voice]    

Well, mom was just WRONG, WRONG, WRONG.   Mom has yet to grasp the fact that shelter does not mean "adopt"  it means "drop off"!!!!   How does she think think the dogs who are adopted got there?  Does she think they were dropped from the heavens!    

She is about to discover how the dogs get to the shelter and believe me they were not being dropped from heaven!!!!  There were about 10 people at the counter with crated cats or poor doggies pulling at leashes.   Some of them had 2 or 3 cats and one woman had 4 dogs.    Mom quickly realized  that almost everyone there was LEAVING an animal - and NOT adopting one!!!!!  One nasty man was holding an adorable little lab who was tugging at his rope leash and mom said "oh,  he's so cute,  you're going to love him"  - and the mean and stOOpid man said "why don't you take him if you think he's so damn cute!"  The man then dropped the rope and walked out leaving the poor little guy just standing there.   Mom burst into tears!      Finally some chubby man in a uniform came around the counter and asked mom if he could help her - she told him she needed to drop off some food and tried to explain what was going on with the blog and my doggie friends and wanting to donate some food...the man patted mommy on the shoulder and said "I wish we had more people like you."   This made mom cry harder because she realized just how many nasty people there are who don't care about animals!!!!!!!   People were sort of snickering and laughing at mom as she told the story of why we were there.    

Now mom was adding anger to the tears - so she climed on her soapbox and started talking about how she just couldn't believe how people would abandon their animals or not share their life with animals that come their way.... she went on about how if they gave that animal a chance they would have so much unconditional love in their life  [let's remember that I am not a shelter animal but she does NOT mention that fact]    Now she's on a roll.... she's Elmer Gantry preaching about loving animals!  And how kindness makes you a better person and on and on....  I'm turning from black and white to RED - mom's hormones or lack of hormones or whatever it is that sets her off are now raging out of control - the man in the uniform is a little nervous I think - wondering if mom is going to pull out a gun or something  and he's easing her out the door -  probably wondering if he will need to use his stun gun on her and if there really is food in her trunk!   
This is the chubby man in the uniform.   He doesn't look so nice in the picture - but, really,  he was -  I think he was just overwhelmed with all the mama drama, the  people turning in animals  and a little confused by the blogging/friends/100 posts/donating etc. and what any of that had to do with the 150 pounds of dog food in the trunk  as mom continued to boo-hoo through her explanation.   

A couple of other people came out to help get the food - a couple of them hugged mom and told her that she was very nice to be so generous. Then they started to read all of the tags on the bags and asked if all of these dogs blog....One of them laughed and told mom she had too much time on her hands.  This made mom laugh [thank goodness]  One even asked for my blog address.  Now mom was laughing and crying.....Mom apologized to the man in the uniform - he hugged her and told her he appreciated her and that he was sure all of the little critters appreciated her too....she cried some more and we left!   BUT WAIT - it's not over yet -  as we drove by the feed store mom had one of those EUREKA moments and realized "gee there were cats there too!"   So she went back in and bought 50 lbs of cat food......but this time she asked the lady at the feed store if she would please take it over there because she just didn't think she could handle it again!!!!!

On a more positive note there was a little girl there who was in the "getting to know you"  area with a small retriever -  I think she was going to adopt.....gosh I hope so...... Mom should have taken her picture but she was a bit flustered and didn't think of it till we were gone!   

These are copies of each certificate we stapled to each individual bag - you can click on yours to biggify it -  if you want a copy I can peemail or snail mail - just let me know!

This is a copy of the certificate we attached to the 2nd 50lb bag we bought in honor of all of our other blogger buddies.  If I left your name or picture off - it was not intentional... and I apologize in advance for not including your name/photo....please know that you are remembered in my heart and that it is TOTALLY mommy's fault that you were left off!

What did we learn from today?   We learned it is good to give to the shelter - but, DADDY needs to make the deliveries - NOT  Mommy!!!!!   We learned mom gets way too emotional about animals who don't have homes  just like she does about foster care for kids -  you DON'T want to go there with her!!!!!!!

And,   guess what Bodie sent me----- check this out - it is too cute.....

100th post


  1. yeah, this is indeed not a wordless for you! this is so nice of you to donate food to the shelter!

    best regards

  2. Oh Checkers, what a day and you and your Mom were only doing good! That was an absolutely brillant post - you told the story so well and we enjoyed it so much!

    The little man will be delighted to see the photo of him and Clive on the packet of feed. That was so much work for your Mom - organising all those certificates and buying so much food. She deserves a very nice treat for herself after all that.

    We're so glad that the dogs and cats got a little extra because of you and your Mom. A lot of those people at the shelter sounded very silly and some very horrible but maybe some have gone away a little wiser and with a little more understanding because of what your Mom said to them. What you and your Mom did was wonderful - well done to you both!

    lots of appreciative woofs from
    Clive and the whole gang!

  3. We are so happy for those cats and dogs in the shelter.

    Your mommy really did a great job!

    Luv from three of us,
    Adele, Vincent & Bella

  4. As i am sure you have heard my kids complain about i work in rescue - i see these shelter animals all the time - and it is heartbreaking - i do what i can with what i have - and the difficult ones just become permanent residents in my house. Woodrow was 7 months when i got him - has numbers tattooed in his ears from figthing and had his mouth wired shut, he was terrified. now 2 years later he is perfect and CGC and great all around. My other 3 are deaf were dumped at shelters and various other places and are also perfect in my eyes.

    How people could be so cruel - but the economy is a big part of it - so your donation will do more than you could imagine


  5. You guys are so generous and thoughtful. Those shelter animals are going to be eating good tonight.
    Love Ruby & Penny
    PS - mom had a menopausal moment while reading this. She needed some tissues.

  6. Checkers - what Clive said goes for me too. I also think your post is brilliant. The reality is that happily ever after doesn't happen for all animals. The problems that shelters face are overwhelming, but if each of us followed your example and helped one shelter, it would go a long way. THANK YOU for making those food donations!!!!!!!

  7. Oh Checkers your Mommy is the best! I'm sorry she had such trouble at the shelter but your story made me laugh! Congrats on your 101! BOL!
    Hugs & Snugs
    Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

  8. OH MY!

    What a fantastikh post!

    Your mom deserves LOTS of extra Chekhkers hugz&khysses fur that!

    People like woo enkhountered are sooo stoopid and sad.

    On a brighter note, I used to eat Khanidae ALS and NOW I eat Khalifornia Naturals - KHOOL choices!

    Tank woo fur the khool shoutout!

    PeeEssWoo: PeeMailing it will be just fine: khyrash at the gmail dot com thingie!

  9. You and your Mom did such a wonderful thing - thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We know that a lot of bellies will be very full from your generosity.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  10. What a nice thing to do Checkers!!! I'm sure it will be greatly appreciated. And what lovely certificates you made!!!


  11. Wow, what a great project you accomplished and this post is important in helping spread the word about the need to adopt. You've really painted a clear picture of the need to those pets a real home. Thank goodness for halfway houses and people like you who donate to them and help give these animals a home for a time.

  12. What a nice Mom you have!! She's wonderful. And your not so bad yourself!!

  13. Checkers,

    Your mom deserves a great big pat on the back for all that! Your post was terrific too! We feel terrible for all the homeless animals. Most, if not all, end up in shelters through no fault of their own. It's really sad.

    Wags & wiggles,

  14. O Checkers, I wish you could see what your post has beed doin to the Mom. How that woman can sniffle and cry and then giggle all at same time... I do not know!

    You are wonderful and most special and generous boy and lucky too on a counta you got the Mom wif a heart of gold!

    I was one of those sweet boys that was left behind... after livin wif those people for 8.5 years. I was in that shelter for 8 monfs before GRRH found me... so please know how much your post AND your wonderful act of generosity and compassion touched me (and the Mom who is a sobbin mess right now)!

    wif much much MUCH love from the Luke

  15. Checkers - you are the BEST. You & your mommy are so great and Bell & I are very happy. Bell saw her picture and she went coo coo with excitement.. oh wait.. that was me.. Bell will love it too though I'm sure. I will tell her too - even though she'll only understand, Blah blah blah - Bell.. Good Girl, blahblah - Checkers Food - Blah blah - lol...
    peee esss.. i would have cried too -

  16. What a great thing for you to do to celebrate your 100th post Checkers!
    I just read it back, congrats! I liked your 100 list too!
    ~lickies, Ludo

  17. Well done donating food to shelter

  18. oh checkers i have water leaking out of my eyes your mama is the best!!!! doyle;D

  19. Hi Checkers!
    It sounds like it was an emotional day for your mom! It was sooo nice of you to donate all that food and I bet the doggies and kittie cats will really love it! It's a shame that all people don't love and appreciate us pets like our owners do. I guess we are some of the lucky ones. Let's hope that one day lucky ones are the only kind of pets there are!
    :) Tibby

  20. wowzer, that was quite a story. My mom too would have cried to see all those pups and cats being dropped off. too many people are just not deserving enough to have a pet such as ours. you are an awesome pup to do all of that for the shelter. =) I am glad we are friends.

  21. What a great thing you and your Mommy did and what a horrible thing she had to Mom would have been boo hooing too. :( Those poor animals just need some love. :)

  22. Awww your poor Mummy!
    My Mummy used to volunteer at 2 different animal shelters. She enjoyed the animals but not the people :(
    She used to walk the dogs at one shelter and she was the photographer at another one. When she was working as the photographer at K9 she was furry "un-appreciated" by the head of the shelter. Daddy said they should just leave but she had become very attached to a female dog named Spirit who had been at the shelter fur ovfur 12 months! Mummy said she would not leave the fur kids until Spirit found a home. She didn't want to abandon her too. Daddy used to do the shelter's website and Mummy made him put Spirit as the feature dog a couple of times. It worked :) A young man who had been following her story online went down and met her and fell in love on the spot. He sent Mummy an email a few weeks later with a photo of Spirit enjoying her new home. Mummy cried BOL
    I miss you
    Big licks to you

  23. ohhh checkers... your mom is the best!
    Sara and I never went to a shelter... don´t think she could handel it... :(

    but it was a really nice thing you gyus did! :)
    lot´s of licks

  24. What a great story.. My mommy was laughing so hard she started crying!! She is the same way around animals.. We have a not so nice kid next door that is very mean to his animals and it drives mommy nuts.. I was a shelter dog and I'd ike to say Thank You for donating all that food they can really use it. And it was very thoughtful.. I better go now and hide the evidence of the shoe I just ate.. My mommy finds that and I've got a one way ticket back to the


  25. Hi Checkers,
    Thanks for checking out my blog. My human just checked yours out and read this post about the gazillion pounds of food for the shelter and she cried & laughed at the same time. Weird humans!
    But yours is one special lady, especially to think of the kitties too...I have 2 feline siblings so I care about kitties deeply too.
    Congrats on your 100th post! I just started my blog so I won't get there for quite a while.
    Sloppy puppy kisses,
    Your new pal,