Monday, May 18, 2009

Saying Good-Bye to Pink Baby - and 10 Things Mom Never Bought

Pink Baby is off to Thunder Bay Ontario  to see RUBY AND PENNY 2-mini dachsunds - Mom is wondering if we should wrap her in fur for her trip?  I'm sure she will have a wonderful time !   Hope she doesn't give the customs agents a hard time crossing the border!

So long Pink Baby.......

Our friend Blue over at Poopsies True Colours gave us a challenge to name 10 things we never bought. That is a tough one since mom buys anything and everything she sees and wants whether she needs it or not! Dad is wondering if there is a pill for that!

However there are a few things she's seen but didn't want and therefore didn't buy!!!!!!

A TATTOO - mom hates them - it will never ever happen - she threatened to disown her son when he got one - it's still a possibility! Leave it all to the dog!!!!!!!  [Caveat - mom knows some very nice people with tattoos - she's not judging]

Mom never bought a Chia Pet - don't know what the deal is about a Chia Pet - and mom can't imagine why anyone might want one - so she's never bought one!

Scooter Chair - so far she hasn't bought one - of course she doesn't need one - but the commercial was on and she thought - hey, I never bought one of those

Never bought a Recreational Vehicle - the thought of traveling around in a bus lugging her car behind her is less than appealing to mom. Mom's idea of roughing it is a Holiday Inn!

She's never bought a Mercedes - she's been driving an Infiniti since 1990 and has been pretty pleased with them - however as she approaches the age of 60 she is seriously considering the purchase of a spiffy little Mercedes Convertible....
I keep telling her that her old hips aren't going to like getting in and out of it - she has enough trouble in getting in and out of her car now - the convertible will be worse!

A Golf Cart - she thought about buying one when they lived in McComb just to run around the neighborhood in - but she never got around to it - perhaps she'll buy a golf cart instead of a Mercedes!

Baccarat Crystal - she has several pieces that she has received as gifts -bowls & vases, hearts & butterflies -  but when she thought about it she
 realized she has never actually bought any Baccarat - she's bought a lot of Waterford tho!!!!!!   And dad has bought a few pieces of Baccarat for her over the years - but she's never actually bought a piece herself.   

A ranch in Texas - nope - never ever bought a Ranch in Texas!

A ticket to ride on a Greyline Tour Bus -  mom tours the cities she visits on her own - besides she doesn't think those tour busses are pointing out bars along the way - except in Boston where they show you "where everybody knows your name" -   and mom doesn't really want everybody to know her name......

Never bought a MAC computer - dad bought one - but mom is sticking with the PC -  she's had an I-pod since the beginning of I-pods -  and now she has an I-phone which is making her think that now she wants a MAC - hmmmmm - do you think she should go for the MAC?

So - now we have to pass this along to a few of you - so here it goes......
  • BIJOU [you knew we'd tag you didn't you?] - 
  • the extremely funny, makes mom laugh everyday  OBNOXIOUS SAHM if you've never visited her blog do so - because she is totally hilarious - and sometimes I think mom pees her pants laughing at her!
  • then there is TANK -  I'm certain there will be a lot of humor in whatever he has failed to purchase over the years
  • and I will ask my precious SUZUKI  what she has never bought
  • EDUARDO - the snuggle puggle -  I bet you've got a list too!
Stay  tuned the next post will be my 100th -  


  1. ha ha that was a good post! :)

  2. Checkers,

    Those are some interesting things your mom has never bought. My mom has 2 tattoos! Oh oh - don't tell your mom ok?


  3. If Pink Baby stops fur me she won't need a fur khoat!

    Khool list from your mom!
    For what it is worth, my neighbour with Chloe the Greyhound has one of the MB khonvertibles - and he's 80 or so!
    SO your mom is young enough!

    PeeEssWoo: Tank woo fur the kind way of honouring Mr Magoo's memory!

  4. Great post. Our family is still can't make the decision to get an RV or not. ^_^

  5. Happy and Safe travel to PB


  6. Too bad PB had to leave so soon. I hope she arrives safely in Canada.

    My mom has been told recently to go for the Mac. Personally, they are all the same to me.


  7. Pink Baby is on her way to Canada, eh? Hope the Mounties let her in. Thanks for inviting me to join in the challenge to name things I never bought... I've passed it along to my assistant since she does the shopping. I did try to trade some deer poop for a partially chewed bone once, but couldn't find any suckers er, I mean takers. Woof, Tank

  8. Great post. We're glad PB is on her way. Hope she gets here soon. Mom has made her a plaid coat like ours. She will need it. It snowed on Saturday.
    Love Ruby & Penny

  9. That is quite a cool post! Your Mom sure hasn't bought a lot of interesting things...wouldn't it be fun though if she got some of them? *wink*


  10. Well I think you should consider that ranch in Texas! Just sayin!

    wif love from the Luke

  11. Great job, Mom. And that tongue tattoo was just gross.

    About the Mac - without a doubt you must have a Mac. Mom got one earlier this year and it is so wonderful. She loves it. She needs an iPhone next.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  12. Hi Checkers,

    Thanks for including me and mom in this challenge. We will do our best to come up with ten interesting things we never bought.

    Wags & wiggles,

  13. What a cool meme! I may play this before getting tagged as it is so cool!
    Hugs & Snugs,
    Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

  14. Eduardo - consider your self tagged dude!

  15. My Mummy will get onto it fur thursdays post. It is her birthday today and she told me the th only work post I'm doing today is looking after her BOL
    Big licks to you

  16. What a cool tag. =) Hey Checkers just click on the picture and it will take you right to it. =)
    Can not wait to see PB new adventures.

  17. Can't wait to see their answers. LOVED your Texas ranch one, lol!

  18. hahaha
    This post is very cool.
    Chekers, What did you think your mum will say, if one day you arraived with one tatoo?

    hugs ang kisses from kikos world

  19. hello checkers its dennis the vizsla dog hay my mama wood tel yore mama to git a mac for shoor and my dada wel he runs sumthing calld linux wich i gess is like an operayting sistem for commyoonists or scandinavians or sumthing so i am not shoor wot he wood say eksept that he wood say ennything but windows!!! ha ha ok bye

  20. Hi Checkers,

    I have to say, my mom pretty much agrees with all of your list of stuff (minus the tattoos)..BOL! I'm glad PB had a great time at your place...the adventures you guys went on were pawsome!

    Sniffs and licks,


  21. What a great post! Our mom doesn't ever want a tattoo either! She hates needles! YUK!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch