Monday, April 6, 2009

A date with Suzuki

It has been a whirlwind of romance here. The totally magnificent SUZUKI arrived here in The Secret City for a little fun with none other than me! Mom got her friend Robert H to fly his WWII Stearman over to pick SUZI up. It was a rather long and windy flight for her - but she was absolutely stunning upon her arrival.

Our first stop was at Melton Lake where we popped in on one of the crews preparing for the next regatta. I took charge as the "cockspup" [I think I'm on the wrong end] - but nevertheless there I was with SUZI riding along with great joy. [you might need to click on the photo to see us]

Once we finished the tiring work of getting our boat to the finish line we headed off to Razzelberry's for an ice cream cone. We share a lot of licks and giggles.

As our time was nearing I had one more place that I wanted SUZI to see and that was the FRIENDSHIP BELL

The bell is an expression of the hope for everlasting peace, friendship, and understanding among all people of the world.
I don't seem to have a photo of us at the bell but SUZI might.
SUZI had to return to Australia because she is a very busy reporter as her alter ego Bark Kent, she needed to get back to work. I hope that she will make a return trip to Oak Ridge soon - or perhaps I can scoot off to Australia myself. I hope she had a great flight home!
Thanks Scooby for hooking me up with the totally pawsome SUZI - you are so lucky that you are with her every day.


  1. Hi Checkers,

    I'm so happy for you and Suzuki! I hope things work out and you can have another date soon.

    Wags & wiggles,

  2. Hi Checkers

    Lucky you having a date with Suzuiki!

    lots of woofs

  3. Hi Checkers,

    Sounds like you had a grand time. Also sounds like one heck of a date! Mmmmmmmm, I love ice cream!


  4. Hi Checkers,

    It looks like you and Suzuki had a pawsome time! :-)

    Sniffs and licks,


  5. Looks like you are not just only have LOTS of fun with Suzuki. You also have our favorite ice-cream, too. The ice-cream must be tasty.

  6. Wow what an awesome date that was. I bet Suzuki went home full of fluttering butterflies. =)

  7. That looked a fun date with Suzuki!

    Holly & Zac...XX

  8. What a wonderful date you and Suzuki had, Checkers!
    We love the picture of the two of you sharing the ice cream cone!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  9. Fortunately Suzi travels with a great photographer - otherwise I'm not sure if we'd have any photos!!!!!! She is just the coolest.

  10. oh wow!! you and suzi?! you look great together.


  11. You are one lucky dog!!!

  12. Wooohoooo... you had a date with Suzuki??? That's so great!

    Adele, Vincent & Bella

  13. Wow, Suzuki and you went to many places! Am so happy for you!

    best regards

  14. Hi Checkers!
    I had a pawsome time on our date :D
    And yes I do have a photo of us together at the bell. I will be posting it after I visit evfurry pups blog today.
    Big licks to you

  15. Hi Checkers
    We popped over from Suzuki's blog to see the rest of the pictures. What a great date you had! The ice cream looked great.
    Martha & Bailey xx