Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tuff Times for Me

It's been a rough 36 hours or so for me here. I don't know if I am just upset over the departure of my beloved Suzuki or if I did indeed chew something that is disagreeing with me. After Suzi's departure mom and dad took me to a dog park over in Knoxville. It was a very long ride, about 30 miles away, but we went over anyway. Mom was a little disappointed in it and daddy didn't like it at all - but I played for a while. When we left the park we then went to Pet Smart in search of the dreaded milk thistle [they didn't have it]. I kept looking at the great chews they have but both mommy and daddy were saying "NO!" - Finally they gave in a bought some "Chicken Tender" chews - thinking they were NOT Beef and the package said "digestable". They also got me some chews that are supposed to be good for my teeth and are supposed to be digestable.
When we got home I was pretty tuckered out from the park and the shopping so I just chilled out. Mommy fixed me dinner - yep, she cooked - and then while they were watching TV mommy gave me one of the chicken tenders - As you can imagine I chewed it up fairly quickly and enjoyed every single chew I took.
On Monday morning I wasn't very hungry and refused to eat anything - even yogurt! Mommy noticed that I was just lying in my bed and not playing or irritating her or anything else so those "worry antennae" of hers shot right up. She started coaxing me to eat but I wouldn't have any of it. She went out to check on my poop but didn't find any so she called daddy to see if he had picked it up before leaving and to give her a consistency report. Daddy said "sorry, no poop this morning". Not a good answer for mommy.

So now she thinks she's a vet or something because she starts palpitatting my belly to see if I'd whine - I knew better and I didn't. Then she starts looking at my gums to see if they are pale...they weren't they were pink!!! Thank the lord! She is satisfied that I am not dehydrated so she's not running me to the Vet; but, she's not happy about the no poop thing. She keeps encouraging me to eat but it's not happening - so just keeps cooking different things. Finally she makes an egg smoothie with LACTULOSE and syringes me with it....the lactulose is supposed to make me poop. I just go back to sleep. This goes on for a couple of hours and still no poop. So I get a couple more doses of the lactulose.

Finally around 9:00 I began to feel better, my tummy was churning a bit, so I guess the lactulose was beginning to work. I ate a little kibble and did some running around. Mom and Dad watched the NCAA final [YEAH Carolina] and we all went to bed. When mommy got up this morning first thing was to go out on "poop watch" - and she didn't find anything!!! It's hard to see the watery stuff when it's rained on top of it...but she's determined to make me poop so she gets out the lactulose again. This time it worked!!! And, I didn't even make it outside - that'll teach her!!!!!!
After she and daddy finished breakfast she gathered up all the new chewy treats she had gotten for me and put them in a bag. She then threw away my new bully stick. Then she put on my jacket grabbed the bag of chewy treats and off we went.......to the shelter!!!!! She left all the treats at the shelter for the doggies there - THANK GOODNESS she didn't leave me at the shelter!
She said never, ever, ever again will I get to chew on anything that is good and tasty. I can only have rubber toys and nyla bones and she's not too sure about the nyla bone.
It's not easy being a little dog with an itty bitty, teeny tiny, liver!!!!

Here's a couple of pics from the dog park


  1. We're so sorry that your new treats gave you an upset tummy, Checkers! The important thing is you've gotta stay safe and if they make you sick it's best to stay away from them!
    We're so glad you're okay now!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. Geez Checkers, I had no idea. So sorry and I guess I won't be sending you a piggy twist either. What a BUMMER!!! Well, at least you're feeling better now. It's pretty funny when people get so interested in their dogs poop though, isn't it? HA

  3. Hi Checkers,

    Sorry you are not feeling well. I can't imagine life without bully sticks and other tasty treats. Get well soon.

    Wags & wiggles,

  4. Aw Checkers, what a day you had! Mommy is scared of giving me bully sticks too. I ate one whole one in a day and I had runny poop for a loooong time....

    Sniffs and licks,


  5. Hi Checkers

    That was a bad day you had. Glad you're better now though.

    lots of woofs

  6. Chase - my mom would be happy if my poo was runny - my problem is I get all backed up and get something they call HE [hepathic encephalopathy] if that happens I have to go to the hospital and be in the ICU for at least 48 hours and that's no fun - except of course I'm so cute that the staff holds me a lot but I have to keep a needle in my paw for 48 hours minimum - it's NOT fun - AND, I come home with spots shaved off my legs and I have what mommy calls poodle legs!!!!!

  7. Oh Checkers... what a day!!!!! No fun at all for you, although you are a really good writer - as if you had your mama fooled some of the time - very detailed story about important "events" as it were. So glad you are feeling better now - sorry about the treat give-a-way, but think of all the doggies who will smile with those treats! And yes! Glad your mommy did not leave you there!
    Love and Licks,
    xo Sammie

  8. glad you are ok checkers maybe your mom will give you a different kinda treat personally special dog chocolate is my fav!

  9. Sorry about your poop issues. It seems like there are many totally yummers foodables which are forbidden.


    P.S. Mango Momma here. While reading your bloggy I figured out what that poop was! Cow trachea! Mango had one on Sunday (I had totally forgotten) and I didn't pick up poop yesterday, so the timing is about right.

  10. Awe Checkers, that really bites. I am sorry your tummy has been upset. So what kind of treats are you allowed to have?

  11. Oh man, you had a bad bad day! I´m glad you´re feeling better now!


  12. Wow Checkers....you poor thing, you really had a bad day didn't you little bud?
    Glad you finally pooped....and in the house too....kudos!
    Love your blog theme, it's cool :D
    Slobbers xx

  13. Oh, what a day! Am so sorry that you have to gave up on those treats, but at least you got better!

    best regards

  14. Hello my sweet :)
    i am lad you are feeling better. I was furry worried about you... I was thinking maybe you could come to Western Australia fur our next date and I could teach you to surf!
    What do you think?
    Big licks to you

  15. Wow Checkers, sorry to hear you weren't feeling well. I'm sure glad you are better! You're mom really loves you to worry like that.


  16. Hello Checkers,

    You have a wonderful mommy and daddy to take care of you when you are feeling sad and not well. ^_^

  17. Checkers we hope you are feeling better real soon. When Molly had a sick liver Dr. Dodds recommended Sam's Yams sweet potato chews. Just a pure food... sweet potato veggie rawhide chew. We found them at the pet store but you can find then online too, Us dogs have to chew something.


  18. Omigosh...sorry to hear you had a little tummy upset there,Checkers! Mom has also stopped buying those chewy stuff that I used to get after reading about how it could impact our intestines...>.<" Glad to hear you're feeling better though! =)


  19. Hi Checkers....sorry about your sickness...that is awful! My Mom got scared to give me chicken chews a while back when she heard about bad ones that were made in China??? I don't get them anymore either....now she checks all my treats to see where they are made. Maybe your Mom can cook you up some ground meat....I always find that yummy! :)