Thursday, April 2, 2009

True Colors Thursday - SCARLET

It's True Colours Thursday again. This week's theme is SCARLET, so, play along visit our lovely hostess, Blue and we hardly think she's a "Scarlet Woman"!

Scarlet (from the Persian säqirlāt) is a red color with a hue that is somewhat toward the orange. It is a pure chroma on the color wheel. It is redder than vermilion. Traditionally, scarlet is the color of flame. It may also refer to the color of the blood of a living person.The first recorded use of scarlet as a color name in the English language was in 1250

The Wall In Our Den

The crown of the pendent light over our bar

Mom's Teapot

Our Toaster

One of our Rugs

Another Rug in Our House

The Tip of Mommy's Boot

A pair of mommy's shoes

Another pair of mommy's shoes

And, another pair of Mommy's shoes - my goodness she really seems to like RED shoes! There are more of them - but I won't continue to bore you with her many shoes.....

And a bag for mommy's shoes - but the shoes in the bag are NOT red - they are GREEN! Can you believe it?

Apparently Scarlet on the Graduation Robes are very popular in England - BLUE can tell us more about that!

The Cardinal's hat is Scarlet

So is this Cardinal's hat! hehe - We're CUBS fans here - their hats are BLUE
Scarlet O'Hara

"Nothing modest or matronly will do for this occasion!" [we think this gown is more garnet than scarlet - but we couldn't resist being southern and all]

Rhett Butler demanded Scarlett wear the gown to Ashley Wilkes' birthday party. Despite the fact that it was supposed to do nothing more than make Scarlett look like the improper woman she was, it has continued to be a fashion icon and has inspired countless reproductions.

With its feathers, rhinestones and low-cut bustline, it became a plot device within the film as Rhett sought to humiliate Scarlett by having her thrown from Melanie Wilkes' home.

Although my mom would be the one to dress like Scarlett she is definitely NOT a Scarlett - She's a Melanie all the way! [you might have to be southern to understand that one!]

UGA the mascot at Georgia always wears Scarlet Red - that's where my daddy went to school. I have one too but I can't find it.

The Ribbon Around Cartier at Christmas is Scarlett Red

Daddy's scarf is Red - Mommy has on red too but you can't see it!

AND, FINALLY ...... my snuggle cuddy is Scarlet Red!


  1. Wow! Your mom sure does have some pretty red shoes, Checkers!
    Our mom just loves your red toaster!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. Hello Checkers,

    Nice knowing U, and give us a chance to visit and read your blog of all new post from now on. ^_^

  3. Hi Checkers!
    Great job on the scarlet items!
    My blog is gone now, but I will be back soon, and I will let you know where to find me.
    Love Clover xo

  4. What a great scarlet post! Well done Checkers, words and piccures! Your Mom sure has a lot of red shoes, mine likes shoes but no red ones that I could find today.
    You saying about how red is popular for English graduation robes made me go check out Mum's uni graduation pic and yup, she does have a bit of red in it, but not a lot.
    ~lickies, Ludo

  5. You have lots of nice Scarlets.

    That photo of your mum & dad at Christmas is lovely.

    Your snuggly cuddly looks very comfy and cosy.

    Holly & Zac...XX

  6. Hello, nice to meet you and thanks for visiting!

    Wow, superb collection! :] your mummy sure has a lot of scarlet shoes!

    best regards

  7. Great job with the color scarlet, Checkers! You found lots of cool things! Your snuggle cuddy looks so comfy!


  8. WOw Checkers, great job onthe Scarlet stuff dude! Yopu found loads!
    Slobbers xx
    Oh, and thank you so much for our award, it's very sweet :D

  9. What a lovely Scarlet post!
    You did very, very well in your choices.
    And thanks for your sweets words re me.
    Your mums shoes are more my style than the ones I photo'd

    Love, pats & pets