Friday, April 3, 2009

And yet another rainy day and a tag from Chase

It is yet another rainy day. A bit disappointing as Daddy was going to be here today and go to the lake with us - but the weather is lousy. Last night there was what daddy called rolling thunder and it was very loud and very long lasting - I got so scared I had to get up in the bed with mommy and daddy - and I don't usually do that because I prefer my snuggle cuddy.

Before the lousy weather started moving in again yesterday I had a little park time with Livy

We're off to the maze

New Friends

Catching some rays before the rain returns!

My new friend, CHASE THE PUGGLE has tagged me to tell 5 random things about myself.

1. I am a peek-a-poo who weighs 10.2 oz - which is a huge weight gin from Feb 14 when I got very sick [I have a teeny-tiny liver] - Everyone is very excited about my gain of weight.

2. I love to chew. I REALLY love to chew! I will chew on anything I can find. I like to jump up on the cocktail table and find the most wonderful things to chew on including zip drives, remote controls, books

3 I am a VERY picky eater. Although my pawrents try very hard to find the perfect dog food for me I reamin picky. Of course I know that if I hold out long enough [about 45 minutes] mommy will give up and cook me chicken, new potatoes, carrots and green beans. So I remain a picky eater and will continue to wrap her around my tiny paw so that I get the good stuff.

4. I love to travel. I love getting into my car seat and snuggling down for the ride. I am very good at getting into my carrier and remaining very quiet as daddy rolls me into the hotel and I love meeting new people on our travels as they always make a big deal about how cute I am.

5. I love it when Livy comes over because I get to play and play and play. She is my best buddy! When the day is over and we are both worn out I love to get into bed with her and snuggle - it's just as cozy as my own snuggle cuddy!

Now - I'd like to tag - my very first friend BIJOU, the kind MASON DIXIE, my little hamster friend BROWNIE, the often amusing LUDO VON PUPPY, and last, but not least the absolutely pawsome CLIVE


  1. Hello Checkers,

    hope the weather gets better, so you could go to the lake another day! Have a nice weekend ahead!

    best regards

  2. Hi Checkers,

    The weather is lousy here too, so I feel your pain! Thanks for sharing all those wonderful tidbits about you! I love to chew on anything I can get my paws on too. :-)

    Sniffs and licks,


  3. Hi Checkers
    I can go on a date anytime you like :) My Mum is so busy helping Scooby get his business going at the moment that she probably wont even notice I am gone :( I love ice cream, I have a furry sweet tooth :D
    Big licks to you

  4. Hi Checkers! I just found you through Chase and had to come say hi! Sounds like you got a lot done in the sun time before the rain and I loved your "scarlett" post. I couldn't get mine in this week cause my ma was just too dang busy - darn! But I loved vicariously through your wonderful colors post! Look forward to sharing more blogging and friendship!
    Hugs and Licks,
    xo Sammie

  5. Hello Checkers,

    Nice pics captured by your mommy. ^_^

  6. Gee, Checkers - maybe we should refuse to eat and turn into picky eaters so mom cooks us all that good stuff that you get!
    We're going to have to think about this long and hard!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  7. Thank you for sharing so much about yourself, and thank you for tagging me, mom has her thinking cap on for this one. And oh I see that you have a date with suzuki? How exciting!!! Can not wait to hear all about it, keep me posted. =)

  8. Hi Checkers
    You can pee-mail me at That's my secretary's pee-mail. She can sort out our date if you like. My favorite ice cream is chocolate or vanilla.
    Big licks to you

  9. Hi Checkers

    Sorry we're a little slow in getting around to commenting - thanks for tagging us and we'll organised and do that later today!

    You were great to put the Autism button on your blog - thanks again.

    Have a great weekend
    lots of woofs

  10. Hi Checkers,

    Sorry it is raining there. I hate snow and rain cause it keeps me in the house.

    I tagged ya. See the details on my blog.


  11. Looks like those little girls looovvveedd you!

    I am running a "contest"!

    Visit- for more details

    Jenny & Duke

  12. Hey there!
    The "maze" looked interesting. And, a fun time at the parkie!
    I am pal of Golden Samantha (a few comments up). Hope to visit again soon! Come see me!
    Cheers, Honey (13 yo golden)