Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I have not been a good boy

Well, so far it's been a pretty busy week for mom - early Monday we headed over to the revitalization office before doing other things. Mom was busy getting stuff cleaned up in her little "dungeon" as the board calls it. The retail stores upstairs were still closed but the stairway was open and I was running around playing. Well, mom went to take the trash out and she did as she always does and carefully pushed the door closed so I couldn't get out - what mom didn't know was that I had already snuck past her out the door. She went back inside and of course, I was not there to greet her as I was outside. At first she just thought I was upstairs running through The Ferrell Shop so she called out...when I didn't come she went upstairs to look for me but she couldn't find me. She went outside in a panic and started yelling "Checkers, Checkers" - I didn't come so she really got scared - she started running around outside like the crazy blonde she is - some woman pointed to tell her I went in one direction and mom started running that way - she didn't find me. Then someone pointed in another direction toward the Gee mom, what's all the yelling about!"

Mom picked me up and hugged me to death almost. then she gave me a little talk about not doing that again and we went back to the office for a promotions meeting.

So now I'm in a meeting with these people getting lots of loving and enjoying it all. Then Barbara remembers that the shop is closed upstairs so she needs to go put the mail basket outside because mom is expecting a big check and we don't want to miss out on that money. Frankly I don't give a flip about the money but I know that if Barbara is going up there to put the mail basket out that means the front door is about to open up and if I'm sneaky I can get past Barbara just like I did mom. Sure enough I pulled one over on her and shot out that door the instant she opened it. Barbara must have better eyes than mom because she saw me go - I got all the way to the park before she caught up with me...I'm a LOT faster than those old women!

I got ANOTHER lecture!!!!! By now I was pretty tuckered out - so I moved on over to Mary and found a nice cushiony place to rest up for my next adventure.....

I got a lot of good loving from Mary. And I had to give her a lot of love back because she is a little sad still because just last week she had to let her 14 year old lab go to the rainbow bridge and I know she really misses him so I gave her EXTRA special love....and she didn't fuss at me either.

Today there was a lot of going and coming but Mom kept a really close eye one me....she even threatened me with a leash


  1. Shame shame, Checkers - don't do that any more. You know you could get hurt or dognapped - please no more. And you know what, you will get lots of good loving for being a good pup too.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. Oh Checkers..

    We know that big world out there can seem like a wonderful adventure but you must be careful.

    We're sure you didn't mean to scare mom... but that second time, well... that was just CLASSIC! Well played Checkers -- hehehe

    Now be a good boy for at least one day until mom forgets.


  3. Checkers!
    Sure you had fun but please don't do it again!
    Your Mom sure was scared when she could not find you!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  4. I did the same thing this afternoon... just took off running. Funny thing though, nobody came after me. And when I decided to come back home cause I knew it had to be dinner time - I was totally ignored. I think my assistant was mad. She didn't even feed me on time Checkers. My dinner was a whole hour late and she still hasn't talked to me. At least your mom's happy to see you when she finds you!

  5. That isn't furry nice to do to your mom!

    Woo keep it up, she's liable to let that nice Mary lady take woo -

    THEN what would we do?


  6. Checkers, no more tricks on Mom okay? They can't live without us, you know! Glad you got lots of love and that you helped Mary feel better :)

  7. I know we have to keep our Mamas on their toes Checkers BUT...remember they also control the treat flow so you should try really hard to be good!


  8. Oh you naughty better be careful Checkers!


  9. Moms have a way of panicking when escape-type stuff happens, Checkers. We're so glad you're okay!
    We're sorry to hear about Mary's Lab.

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  10. Checkers, good thing you didn't get lost or hurt in the dungeon! Stay close to your momma from now on.

  11. The humans really don't like when we do that sort of thing! Good thing you didn't venture too far Checkers! And that was really nice of you to give Mary extra special love, especially under the circumstances!

    Hugs and Licks, Bruschi


    You are my main man, but dude, come one... YOU HAVE GOT TO HONOR YOUR THE MOM... and make sure she knows where you are every minute of the day!

    I know lotsa other stories, and trust me, my pal the Checkers... you want to live right where you live!!!

    wif love from the Luke