Friday, June 19, 2009

Secret City Festival - aka Hot as HE double L

We went to the Secret City Festival today - it was about one thousand degress with humidity to match - I met this crazy little Jack Russel/Rat Terrier Mix - he was very cute - but NUTS

I had to back away from him so he would chill out - where he found the energy in this heat is totally beyond me

We didn't stay long it was just too darn hot - it was so hot that if there wasn't grass daddy carried me because he didn't want me to put my little paws on the steaming pavement!

finally - home in the cool with mommy - mom said don't get used to pics of her - this is the last one - you can see Livy's Lemonade sign behind her - it's even too hot to sell lemonade -
tomorrow they're going to lavendar festival - I think I'm staying home!



  1. What is a Secret City Festival??? We must know, it sounds exciting!

    xo sugar

    ps: we don't get much humidity... lots of dry heat making our walks more and more difficult.

  2. We hope it cools down soon for you Checkers. Very nice pix of you and your mum.

    Holly & Zac...XX

  3. Oh Checkers... and family - so sorry it's so hot and humid. Hope you cooled down - I'm sure you did eventually and so glad to hear you didn't do the lavendar thing - good choice!
    Hugs xo

  4. It is WAY to hot for you and us as we have LOTS of hair. ^_^

  5. Humidity is THE pits!

    Tank woo fur sharing your pikhs!


    Moose on the next street just isn't right!


  6. Checkers, I have a dog in my block that looks just like that dog that was barking at you. Her name is Bridget and she always tries to bite me. My Dad had to go talk to her Dad and tell her to leave me alone, so be careful. I love the picture with you and your Mom, I love to snuggle in with my Mom just the same way. Moms are great. I don't like when its hot either, so drink lots of water, I sent you a squirt gun on facebook, it might help.

    licks and sniffs, Sasha

  7. Hi Checkers,

    Just so you'll know, the nutty side of the JRT/RT mix, is the JRT. Those poor doggies have no OFF switch.
    It's like they are on drugs 24/7/365. They need to be in rehab. Seriously.

    I'm sorry the heat ruined your outing. It has been warm and humid here too. Mom is talking about buying us a little wading pool.

    Wags & wiggles,

  8. Sounds like a very interesting festival - did you learn the Secret about the City? Lovely pic of you and Mom. Very hot here today too.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  9. Checkers you look bushed in that last picture. It's hot here too, Mugsey usually stays out in the evening but he wanted in today, the air conditioning is on!! Good of your daddy to carry you, Dispatch tries to get his Daddy to carry him everywhere but mama usually ends up doing it!

  10. Checkers and your Mommy, thank you for the warning about tomatoes. Mom wants you to know that, first, she would have never let me have it, I found it on my own and then I only got a couple of licks. My sister took it away before I could get anymore. Mom is real strict about my diet and I feel fine. You are a true pal. I hope you get a yogurt drop.

    licks and sniffs, Sasha

  11. Hey Checkers,

    What is a secret City Festivel? If there are doggies there, it must be really nice.

    Mommy wishes she could go to the Lavender Festivel with your folks. It would be nicew if she could go with them and I could stay with you and play all day!!

    Your Mommy is very pretty and with her holding you itaht makes for a great pic.

    It was 96 here yesterday and Mommy hates the heat.


  12. hi Checkers, we're glad you didn't get cooked in that terrible heat. do you have any place where you can swim? that always cools us off.

    that's a nice picture of you and your mommy.


  13. Hi Checkers.
    What a nice daddy you have to carry you so you do not get your little footies on the hot pavement. I don't do heat at all-- no way. So I understand your feelings about the hotness. I would vote for staying home too, but lavender is so pretty.

  14. O Checkers! I admire your composure, Buddy!!! Really, I do!

    I live next door to a JRT and I totally understand what it like. I just kinda stand there and let him have he nervous breakdown, but the all ways silent Bleu... he bark back!

    I guess festival kinda hard to enjoy in thousand degree heat, but you are lucky to have daddy who can pick up and carry the you!

    Sound like stayin home today might not be all bad! It blazin hot here today, too. Don't know bout you but I can't wait till Christmas.

    I love the pitcher of your the Mom and the you on a counta if pitcher worf thousand words... that one say LOVE bout thousand times!

    wif love from the Luke

  15. Hey Checkers, were you driving in that picture???

    We hate humidity here. We hide in the house then.


  16. We love that picture of you and your mom, Checkers! We hope you get some relief from the heat!
    Happy father's day to your dad!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  17. Hi Checkers!
    That is a sweet picture of you and your mom! Thanks for sharing it.
    I am glad you got to stop in at the festival and meet a new friend before it got too hot!

  18. Hi Checkers

    Lovely photo of you and your Mom!

    Wish we had just a little bit of that heat here!

    lots of woofs

  19. sorry it was so hot that you didnt get to enjoy the festival - sounds exciting - but we dont do heat either

    woodorw sweetie mj