Saturday, June 6, 2009

My Beautiful Suzuki and an Award from Twix

By now everyone knows about my engagement to the incredible Suzuki
We are so happy - we haven't set the wedding date yet - we don't want to take away from the nuptials of Scooby and Lady - their day is coming up soon - but,
we'll let ya'll know as soon as we set the date. Isn't she the most beautiful girl in the world???? We will announce our bridal party as soon as they all respond to us....hint!!
The totally adorable little TWIX has shared the pawsome SUGAR award with me - I'm totally honored TWIX, if you haven't met TWIX yet - please go by and say hello - her header picture alone is worth the trip. She's in the running for the Tongue Contest along with me and Mason Dixie and a few of our other please, if you haven't voted go vote - ESPECIALLY FOR ME!!!! can vote everyday!!!!!!
Check this out - Mom got this artist on ETSY to make be a special Halter - She thought maybe I couldn't chew through a leather one so quickly - Lupine isi NOT chew proof !!! Trust me on that one! I can't wait for it to come in -and show it off - but the lady sent a picture and I am so proud of it I wanted to show it off now! The Shop is THE COOL PUPPY if anyone wants to check it out! She put a dragonfly on it because mom loves the dragonflies - and then she "butched" it up for me!!! hehehehe - TANK - I know how jealous you must be of this little treasure!!!! Your trunks are on the way -
So this will be it for me for a few days....Mom and Dad are heading to Seattle till Thursday - They'll be taking me to Susanne's a little later....I adore Susanne - Daddy is jealous of how much I love Susanne - Mom promised to try to take some pics over there so you can see the doggies I'll be staying with - we'll see if she does it!!!!!!! Mom might post something from Seattle - otherwise I'll see you all on Friday - Have a great week pup friends!


  1. Congrats on your award and isn't that harness beautiful. Now don't chew it, please, Checkers? Have fun at Susanne's, but we will miss you.

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  2. Jack chewed through his leather harness the first day he got it. Needless to say the tall guy wasn't very happy.

    So make your peoples happy and don't chew through your harness (wait a couple of days at least!)

  3. Checkers....

    Tell your Mom she is lucky she wasn't in Seattle this past week. It was soooooo hot.

    Diego Dog

  4. Checkers Dispatch says he is so very proud of you! He's only chewed through cloth collars, although it only took minutes, never did get through the BIG dog leather one he has now.

  5. Woowoowowooooo sweet Checkers....
    Congrats on your award but for 1st thing...CONGRATS TO YOU AND GORGEOUS SUZI!!!!!
    Sure you have a very very very very special girlfriend and you're a very lucky boy!!!!
    You 2 are a wonderful couple...a perfect love match!!!!
    can't wait to know your marriage date!!!!!
    And great herness...looks soo cool....sure wearing that you'll be very very very sexy!!!!
    For your baby!!!!
    Sweet kisses and licks!!!!

  6. Woo and Suzuki will make such a khute khouple!

    I hope your bridal pawty members get bakhk to woo soon!

    I love your khool new harness - it really is too khool to chew!

    Have fun with the other pups!

    I hope your mom and dad have a nice time!


  7. Hey Checkers! Wow, thanks for all the PR! You're welcome for the deserve it. What a great harness. You should feel very special having it special made just for you...again you deserve it! ~Twix

  8. Hi Chekers!!!
    We are back!
    We miss you so mutch!
    Congrats on the award :D

    auf auf

    Hugs and kisses from kikos world :D

    ps. we have a award for you :D

  9. That is beautiful!!! You must have your own closet....

    xo sugar

    PS: thank goodness I'm on the larger side and dont fit into many clothes

  10. Hi Checkers
    We love your new harness and also your swim trunks. You got a lot of nice stuff!
    Thanks for sharring all that is happening

  11. Hi, Checkers!
    Congratulations on your Award!
    Your new harness is pawesome!
    I hope your mom and dad have a nice and safe trip!
    Have fun at Susanne's
    Kisses and hugs

  12. Hello my love
    I sent you an email with a few mor wedding details. Still waiting on one bridesdog and my collar bearer to get back to me, but they are sisters :)
    Have fun with your friends
    Big licks to you

  13. Congrats on your new award Checkers! It's really cool! And.... sweet! Nice halter too!


  14. cool harness - very handsome

    and awesome bloggie award

    woodrow sweetie mj

  15. Hi Checkers,

    I somehow missed this post til now. I love the new harness and my mom loves dragonflies too! Have a great time at Susanne's.

    Wags & wiggles,