Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mom's In Seattle

Hi - Checker's mom here - Larkin and I are in Seattle - horrid flight - ranks up there as top 3 worst flights ever - but we got some sleep on Monday night and had a great day here in Seattle today - took some pics which I'll post when I get home

Checkers is having fun with Susanne and her pups - he's not missing us at all.

If you ever go to Seattle check out Pike's Market - it's AMAZING - loved it!

I've had emails from several of you telling me you're having trouble viewing our blog. ME TOO - cannot get to it in IE - it opens then closes - I don't have trouble in Google Chrome or Safari - but IE shuts me down - same problem with a few other blogs too - guess it's an IE problem and not my computer -

Anyway - Suzi might post the wedding party tonight - or tomorrow - otherwise I will wait till I get home and let Checkers post it himself.

Take care everyone and cross paws and fingers that our flight home on Thursday evening is far less eventful than the one coming out here yesterday.


  1. I hope the flight bakhk is a LOT less stressful that the one there!

    PeeEssWoo: Ever since that IE issue started late last month, I've been reading the blogs via Firefox...

  2. Hope the flight back is better for you.

    -Katie, Mollie, & Bobo

  3. Hope your flight is well, and I am sure Checkers is missing you =) love the new harness, mom is looking into getting one for my Aunt Mavis who tends to chew through all her collars and leads. silly girl.

  4. Hi Katie,

    We are glad to hear Checkers is not missing you too much and that you are having a great time in Seattle. I hope your flight home is a good one. We use Firefox so was unaware there was a problem.

    Wags & wiggles,

  5. I thought Khyra's Mom had found some problem with the "counter" and moving it to the bottom instead. Not sure if that helps or not, but we can see you fine - we use Firefox.

    Glad to hear Checkers is fine and we wish you a better flight home.

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  6. I had the same problem wif my own blog when I switch over to the IE8... but I also read on blogger that there were known issues wif certain gadgets. I had a bunch of em then... I deleted them and wah-la, the problem went away.

    I read your bloggy on the firefox now and it work just fine!

    I so hope you beed havin a great time and takin lotsa pitchers. And I so hope flight to the home is much much better!

    Tell the Checkers hello when you talk to him tonight.

    wif love from the Luke

  7. Despite my slooooow 'puter, I'm not having any probs. seeing your blog - I feel so lucky. Seattle's beautiful, but so sorry you had such an awful flight - hate that. Hi Checkers if you're reading this! Pats to you!
    Hugs and Love xo

  8. Hope your flight back is better.
    We´re having problems with ie too.

    Thor xxx

  9. w00fs, i had trouble with IE and got Firefox, that worked for awhile..and then it started acting up, so now i am on google chrome..so far so good with it..have a safe trip home..

    b safe,
    ~rocky n mama~

  10. We do not know what IE is, we do not know what firefox is. So much we don't know. One thing for sure is you have so much cool stuff on your bloggie- I love your award slide show, wow you are so talented, and we wish a much better flight going home,

  11. Definitely hope the flight back is better! Checkers, glad you are having fun while your pawrents are in Seattle! :)


  12. Hello future Mummy-in-law :)
    I have posted the bridal party list tonight.
    Big licks to you

  13. I hope your flight back is smooth!