Sunday, April 12, 2009

It was a very quiet Easter here without Livy. No baskets, no egg hunts. We went to the park to watch all the other little ones hunt eggs yesterday - but it was a little sad without Livy. She'll be back on Wednesday so we'll have to make up for it then. Hopefully she and my daddy can participate in the Chalk The Walk during Dogwood Arts next week-end. They haven't been accepted yet - but I'm sure they will be accepted because Livy is quite the artist - here's what she was working on at last year's Chalk the Walk here in Oak Ridge

If not having Livy weren't enough of a downer for today I get news that my sweet Suzuki is in the "line of fire" down there in Australia - I was so worried about her that I was just pacing back and forth, back and forth!

Because of my nervous activity about Suzuki mom decided we would go to a new dog park that mommy discovered. The people who make petsafe fences [I don't have one] have a really pretty park that is not very far from our house. It's a very big park with a "reservoir' and an agility course. There were a lot of doggies there - a lot of REALLY big doggies there. Consequently mommy and daddy were a little nervous for me. There was a doberman and a rottie who were fairly aggressive, especially with each other and then they started picking on a little bulldog so mommy thought it best we leave before they came after little ole me. Mommy didn't understand why their owners didn't take them away or at least keep them apart.

But, before we left they took me to another part of the park where I did a lot of running on my own. A couple of little shih tzus came - one was black and white like me - but he kept peeing on everything - including my nose. I didn't like that so much! He was a busy little guy but he didn't want to play. His sister was a real fraidy cat too - and she never got off her leash.

Since I didn't get any Easter "treats" because of my stoopid liver - mom made me a special dinner of pork roast, creamy potatoes, english peas and organic carrots.....It was very yummy!

Mom will post pics from the dog park tomorrow.

I heard from Suzuki a few minutes ago - she's okay and so is the rest of her family.


  1. We're sorry yer missin yer little Livy, you'll make up for it when she gets home! We're glad Suzuki is ok too, we were worried!

    Feather, Darla & Pappy, the TN Bull Terrors

  2. We're sorry that Livy was away for Easter, Checkers! We know you'll have fun together when she returns soon!
    We're glad you didn't stay long at the dog park! It sounds like it was a bit overwhelming for you!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  3. Wow Checkers, that dinner sounds so yummy! Much better and more healthy for you than any easter fact, that was probably the best treat of all!

    That Chalk th Walk thing sounds super cool! That is neat that Livy is a budding young artist and that she participates too! Wish we did something like that in my town. As for Livy not being there to hunt eggs...sorry. :( Mom normally has a little human over to hunt eggs too but that little human moved all the way to Georgia so Mom missed her very much.

    Bummer that those two dog park dogs were being aggressive and picking on a little dog...glad your Mom and Dad took you away from there where you got to meet some other dogs. I hope your pawrents did wash your nose after the pee incident though. Recently, my furiend peed on my head by accident and Mom had to wash my head but apparently she missed a spot because the next day another furiend kept sniffing my head! BOL!

    Ok, I have written a book so I will sign off now! Have a super MOnday!


  4. Your Easter was just like mine, only it rained all day here so I couldn't even get a good walk in much less go to a park. I didn't see any colored eggs or baskets of candy either. Do you have to be "good" to get something from the Easter Bunny? I do try, but sometimes I furget.

  5. Pork roast, creamy potatoes, english peas and carrots???!!! Two words: WOW WEE!

    I sorry your Livy was not home wif you for the Easter, but that just mean you have to make up for lost time!

    You have neat blog and fun life! I can't wait to read more!

    Wif love from the Luke