Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Today's Outing

Mom and Dad took me to the feed store this morning. I love going there - there is so much stuff there - Dog foods everywhere, toys and more. The ladies who own the store have 4 dogs - they look like little bitty dobermans, but they are some kind of terrier - I can't remember exactly what. They are very strange dogs tho - They just sit there - One of them is always on the sofa, one on the floor and the other two sit up on stools. They don't bark or move. Now if it were me I'd greet everybody that walked in and I'd NEVER sit up on those stools quietly - I'd be jumping from the stool to the counter to the floor and then back. But those dogs just sit there! What kind of life is that!!!!!

There is also a groomer at the feed store - I don't go to that groomer because she takes too many dogs at once and I don't like sitting in a crate and waiting. I go to Doug because he takes me all by myself and I never have to wait on other dogs.

This lady came in with a white dog - I think it might have been a maltese - to be groomed. He was awfully big tho - then when the groomer got him she went to her car and got 2 more dogs....a Shih Tzu and a Lhasa Apso - WHOA....they were huge too. Each one of them weighed at least 20 pounds and they had really big round bellies! Obviously they are not nearly as picky about eating as I am. I didn't know those kind of dogs could get so big and fat!!!!! All three of those dogs live together. Hmmmmm - I can't decide if I prefer being an "only dog" or if I'd like to have a buddy. I think I'd like a buddy but mom doesn't know if she can handle the potty training again. I told her I'd teach the new guy to use the doggie door.

Well - back to the food. Mom picked out EVO chicken - then she got a can of duck! I don't know why because I'm not gonna eat it! She got some merrick Granny's pot pie chicken - I'll probably eat that - but then she got some Duck & Pheasant - she was all excited when we got home and put it in my bowl. Yum, yum she said - I was dancing around thinking - "this smells good" - then she had to go ruin in by adding the milk thistle - Honestly I'm not sure if I like it or not - but I'm going to be stubborn for a while and NOT eat it just to show her I'm the boss.

She's talking about making a white shepherds pie for dinner. I hope she'll give me some of that since it's white [no beef]. And, if she gives me some I hope she leaves the milk thistle out - of course I know she'll be adding that stuff - but a dog can always hope can't he?

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