Saturday, March 28, 2009

Another Gloomy Day in East Tennessee

It's another gloomy day here - so there won't be too much happening -
Last night tho the grandchild [Livy] was here - and I love it when she's here, she's the only human I will sleep with and I like to get up really close and snuggly with her.

I thought that you might like to see my cats - Mommy is NOT much of a cat person, but I love them and Livy loves them, so mommy tolerates 3 of them - outside of course - but she assumes FULL responsibility for these 3 [there are a few others who eat here but mommy won't claim them]
This is Louie - He's really fuzzy and we love to roll and play - he's a terrific cat - he's very loving

This is Chant - She is the QUEEN - she's 11 years old and she lets me play with her occassionally - Mommy says she must be remembering Keats [mommy & daddy's dog before me] Chant used to ride on his back when she was a kitten - Keats left for the rainbow bridge many years ago This is Liza - she's a bossy little thing and doesn't put up with me much. But that's okay because Chant, The QUEEN, keeps her in her place.

Poor Louie - he has to wait to eat till the girls are through......he is definitely NOT the king!

And of course this is me - just chilling out

Then There is this video of me and Livy this morning


  1. Wow Checkers you sure are a good dancer. And you have a very cute dance partner too!

    We are just hanging out here, chewing on bully sticks and taking naps. The snow can not melt fast enough for me.

    Wags & wiggles,

  2. that was very nice of you to share all about your cat friends. And what a great dancer you are, and oh how you love that little girl. =)

  3. My grandpa has a kitty that I love. You have many kitty friends and I am jealous. Your dancing is great! and your dance partner is super cute!!


  4. My you sure can dance! I bet if had you entered the canine version of 'You think you can dance?!' You'd definitely win paws down!

    As for the cats, Checkers! You gotta do something - you are TOP DOG. Not underling of TOP CAT!

    Tell you what, we Dog Woods Pack would help ya out to chase the fluffies into towing your TOP DOG line!


    Licks and Wags

    Tuffy of Dog Woods