Friday, March 26, 2010

So Check It Out

Well it's been a pretty busy week for mom - between Trupanion and her "volunteer" stuff she has little time for me! Can you believe it? Yesterday she left me at home ... something about my preferring to play than eat and I couldn't go until I finished my breakie - and I wouldn't do it. Honestly, sometimes I think she needs to stop and think about what her priorities are! But in all fairness to her she had to head way up North to visit some Vets then get back by 3:00 for a meeting - And one of those Vets she had to go see is NOT one of my favorites and it was pouring rain and it's a pain to get in and out of the car with mommy in the rain.

Now - tonite I'm chillin out on the sofa as close as I can possibly get to mommy when i hear this thump on the side deck. What's a little guy to do? I run to the door to check it out - it's a yellow cat! That's right, a YELLOW cat. Now - ya'll remember that I have 3 cats - they're all grey - so who is this yellow cat and what makes him think he can eat my grey cats' food? I tell ya'll what - I barked and barked and beat on the glass but he wouldn't leave....So what did mommy do - that's right she got the camera........Of course she didn't get any video of that BIG YELLOW CAT - but you can see me running back and forth - I did stop for a second or two to shake a toy - I was pretending it was the yellow cat!!!!

Now you know, Mom doesn't want to be pushy or anything - but she's had a few of our facebook pals, and bloggie pals either sign up for Trupanion or ask about it - so she just wants to give all of you a little reminder about how important pet insurance is for us and how Trupanion works. For some of you it's a little late to be thinking about insurance - especially if you have a pre-existing condition....BUT, if you're not a year old yet - check it out - cause it will cover you - even if you're one of those breeds that is pre-disposed to something like Liver Shunt - and if you are pre-disposed to hip-dysplasia - you can add that coverage if you are under a year old.

so - here's the pitch - mom and dad are TP's for Trupanion. Of course we think it is the ABSOLUTE BEST - But we mostly believe in it because it actually pays for EVERYTHING including congenital and hereditary disorders if you get it as a pup. True - they don't pay for wellness but hey - your folks were already prepared for that when they adopted you - RIGHT? And, if the insurance company pays for wellness - trust me they are getting their money back!!! At Trupanion 90% of your ACTUAL vet bills will get paid ....unlike any other plan out there - they'll even pay 90% for the Emergency Room - NO OTHER COMPANY DOES THAT!!!! - If you already have insurance and it's not Trupanion - well, we're sorry for you - but, if healthy you might want to investigate it and maybe switch over. Their rates aren't adjusted because of your age or because you got unlucky and had an accident or got stays the same for your whole entire life. There are NO exclusions like you have with VPI or some of the others - if you have any questions about pet insurance you'd like my mom or dad.

Oh yeah - I'm sick of Basketball!!!! Who Cares?


  1. Hi Checky,

    It's great to see you feeling so good. I hope you scared that kitty away so he won't fight with your cats. Your toy was a terrific stand-in for the yellow cat!


  2. I'm so proud of woo!

    I'd be there shaking the 'toy' too!

    PeeEssWoo: Darwin is in Seattle WA!

  3. Checkers - I told you they wouldn't let me on the plane. Actually, our weather has been pretty decent except for some rain earlier in the week and they're saying next week will be FANTASTIC.

    I wish I had a doggy door like yours. I think the Old Guy is afraid of what might come through the door besides me... BOL.

  4. Now THAT's real training, Checkers! Peeps have tried to teach me to use my doggie door, but even though I'm getting better at Obedience, I won't use my door. Even Ozzie uses it!!!!!!! For crying out loud!
    (Hope you got that cat to leave heheh!) Yes, insurance is a great thing! Have a good weekend!
    Hugs xo
    Sammie and Ozzie too

  5. Go Checkers!! It is great to see you doing toy zoomies!!!

    Mama says our next little sister or brother is getting insurance for sure!