Thursday, August 27, 2009

Are you ready to win?

Are you ready to win?? You are automatically entered into the drawing just for being a member of our Facebook page! For more information and how to increase your chances of winning, click the link below!

Trupanion Pet Insurance Blog | North American Pet Health Insurance Awareness Month: Win Big in Septeember

Trupanion offers fun contests and prizes for the month of September in celebration of North American Pet Health Insurance Awareness Month.

Go check it out and enter - you might win - I'm not eligible for obvious reasons - but that doesn't mean my bloggie friends can't win.

One of my bloggie friends enrolled in Trupanion - they weren't in mom's territory so we don't get credit - but they turned our name in for one of those gift cards - we didn't get it of course since we don't get rewarded for referrals like you do - but .... well, we wish you luck!!!!


  1. Sorry, Checkers, we can't get Mom to do Facebook, so we won't be entered. But good luck to all who do enter.

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  2. Sorry you didnt get the card for us entering - we tried

    Woodrow - Swetie - MJ

  3. I wish I was in your territory. You should be able to sell to any one who want to buy from you. Just sayin.

    Thank you for the entry!

    wif love from the Luke

  4. I wish I was in your area too. Mom really wants pet insurance for me. I am real healthy right now, but it might come in handy with some costs.

    licks and sniffs, Sasha

  5. just become a fan, right? I think I just entered! thank you! *tail wags*