Friday, July 3, 2009

No Pictures

We went to the park to let Livy ride her bike. The olde blonde took the video camera and was ready to show you what fun we were having - she got home and tried to upload all of her wonderful was nothing but a big blurry mess!!!!BOL - she got NOTHING! Absolutely NOTHING! on film! So now you're stuck with me just describing our afternoon at the park.

We got to the park....Daddy gets the bike out of the back end of the discovers that noone brought a leash for me! Lots of cussing by daddy....Mom throws me back into the jeep and sends daddy and me back home for a leash! RATS!

Livy and mom start along the path with Livy riding and mom shooting video - HA! Dad and I return to the park and way on the other side we see Livy standing next to her bike waving like crazy and we see mom inspecting the front tire....oh no, what is wrong? Livy comes running toward us - waving and screaming - I'm excited pulling at the leash trying to get to her - in the distance mom is filming with the video cam!!!! [picture me trying to get to Livy] - Livy and I meet - I jump - I'm excited - mom is filming/zooming/getting it all!!!! Dad, Livy and I start walking toward mom and her camera and the bike just standing there. A woman with two yappy little dogs meet us at the intersection - I do my friendly hello - The yappy dogs go nuts - the woman tells her dogs "No Speak" - don't go near that little doggie - I want to play - but she won't let me.....daddy pulls me away since the woman is telling daddy that he is rude for not controlling his dog. Can you believe this! Mommy is filming this [yeah right] - Daddy is ready to blow - I'm totally under control - it is her crazy dogs who won't shut up and are pulling the old hag along!!!!!!!!

We go towards mommy who tells daddy that the bike is stuck! How do you get a bike stuck? We don't know but somehow little miss Livy has gotten her breaks stuck and the front tire won't move. Daddy tries to fix the bike - while he does a lot of cussing and complaining about the woman with the 2 dogs. Mom continues to film all o this!!!!! Finally the bike gets fixed - Livy starts to ride some more - mom continues to film all of this.....uh huh!

Livy goes to her favorite spot on the bridge. Livy rides and rides and rides. Livy falls! Mom and Dad tell her about all their bike falls when they were kids.......Livy doesn't care - she's scratched her palm and it is a major disaster! Mom is getting all of this on tape! Yeah Right!

Oh - I fotgot - I'm off leash for a lot of this! - Dad sees the woman with the yappy dogs - Mom insists I get back on leash......and then - she starts walking me toward the woman with the yappy dogs!!!! GO MOM!!!! Let's confront them! The video camera is now at mom's side - it's still going - although she has no idea of this - but it is filming blurry stuff - Mom tightens up on my leash and moves off the path but still headed in the direction of the lady with the yappy dogs. The yappy dogs are going crazy - pulling, tugging, barking. The woman is yelling "No Talk, No Talk" Mom is laughing silently - we keep walking - my leash is tight - and then mom loosens the leash - I run forward a little bit - and the 2 dogs go INSANE!!!!!!!!! The woman goes nuts screaming at her dogs "No Talk, No Talk" - Mom says "Sit Checkers" - I sit - and mom says "GOOD BOY!" - the yappy little things are going bonkers! Mom picks me up and says "My goodness - can you believe how ill mannered some doggies can be!" - She walks past the little nutty dogs then drops me to the ground and we go on our merry way. The dogs are still barking - the woman is still yelling at them - and we are laughing like crazy!!!!!

Livy is now bored with the bike riding - so daddy decides he will ride it - So there he goes, a 170 pound grown man on a 20" bicycle - He's trying to pop wheelies in the grass......the bike BREAKS!!!!!!! Uh huh! The bike breaks - well, not really the bike but the chain - mom laughs - Livy starts lecturing him about how the bike is not made for grownups - Mom is, of course, filming all of this!

Now we walk over to the Friendship Bell - Livy rings the bell incessantly - driving us all crazy. Mom then makes her tell the story of the friendship bell and how it is related to the Atomic Bomb. Livy tells the story just as if she were a docent for the Secret City Museum - mom gets it all on tape so that she can share it with you!

We're done - we go back to the jeep - we go get ice cream - we come home -

Mom uploads her video - it is a total blurry mess!!!! Mom cusses! Daddy laughs!
I chill out on the couch. Those little yappy dogs wore me out!


  1. OMD you are a riot... ALL of you. I can just picture it all and I'm not sure the video would have been nearly as entertaining. Checkers! What's with you harassing the innocent little doggies?! I'm shocked hahahahaha

  2. Hi Checkers,

    I love your story...I don't even need pictures, I can see it all. I love what you and your mom did to the yappy sounds so funny. My mom would have done that too. Have a fun weekend.

  3. Checkers you told that so well that I didn't even need pictures. I can just imagine you with those yappy dogs, you were so good. I bet your Mom is so proud of you. I understand that you must be tired, I hope you got a yogurt drop for strength.

    licks and sniffs,Sasha

  4. I am sitting here imagining the whole thing........


  5. I hope those yappy little dogs wern't papillons. Bryan and Jarvis were shocked by their bad behaviour but very proud of you Checkers

  6. Wow Checkers, you are such a good storyteller!! I am glad your mommy's video didn't come out! I know how annoying yappy rude dogs can be!

    Happy Loud weekend!

  7. Wow, I'd be on the couch chillin' too if I were you. That was quite the adventure. I agree with Dory, you are a good storyteller.

  8. Mom wants to know if it is too early in the day fur some adult beverages after THAT one!?!


  9. hi checkers!
    oh we love your new outfit!
    we tried to see your other latest posts and to say hello but
    we are having troubles commenting on your blog. do you have a followers widget on it? it has been breaking many blogs on blogger lately and people have fixed the problem by taking it off.

  10. I get blurry pictures all the time. I figure if I take 100, maybe 1 will come out good! :)

  11. Checkers,

    You did a wonderful job telling the story. You should do some of the books on tape...BOL

    -Mollie and Bobo

  12. OMG, what a day you had! We sure wish you would have gotten it all on tape! hehehe

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  13. Hi Checkers,

    OMD what a day! I don't blame you for crashing on the couch after all that craziness. Video would have been nice, but you did an excellent job telling that story!

    Wags & wiggles,

  14. Thanks for the laughs, Checkers! I agree with Lexi, you described it so vividly that there was no need for the video! I especially like the part where you sat so nicely despite the commotion caused by the yappy duo :-)
    Your pal,

  15. Brillant Checkers!

    We loved the description - nearly as good as having it on video!

    lots of woofs

  16. Boo, sounds like it would have been a winner of a video. Hope Livy is OK, those ouchies are big deals to kids.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  17. Little doggie always bark at us - we dont know why - they can so ill mannered - we just ignore them

    sorry the bike broke - but it sounds like you had a good time anyway

    Woodrow, Sweetie & MJ