Monday, July 20, 2009

I Am An Author - and - An Award

Remember when Eduardo did that piece on Puggles - well, I've now done one on PEEK-A-POO's - CHECK IT OUT HERE - if you want to do one on your "breed" - contact Jenny over at PoochieHeaven and talk to her about it -

AWARDS - I got a few while I was away - but mom forgot to bookmark them so we don't remember what they were - if you gave me an award and I forgot about it please let me know -

I did however get this one from
SASHA and of course TANK thought it was a good award for me too - he's just jealous that I'm a metrosexual and he's not!!! BOL
The translation is: Your blog is a dream

Ok now the rule things: Give 7 beauty secrets and then pass it on.

Since I am such a metrosexual I will give you my beauty tips

1. Get plenty of rest - Sleep at least 18 hours every day - NO BAGS UNDER YOUR EYES
2. Make sure that someone keeps you brushed and shiny
3. As you sit in your hooman's lap make sure they rub your ears and the pads of your paws - that way when you go to the groomer you will not fuss and jerk when they clean your ears or clip your nails
4. Make sure that you have stylish clothing is alway clean and nicely pressed
5. Chew on something solid everyday to keep your teeth shiny white
6. Run zoomies everyday to keep yourself thin and healthy
7 Eat only the best of dog foodies and if you eat hooman food make sure that it is prepared especially for your own diet and is not junk food you snag from the hoomans!

Okay Tank - give me your best shot!!!!!



  1. I think you are SOOOOO in touch with your feminine side and may have to give up my crush on Tank for one on you instead..Who says gals need macho men!!

    Smiley Giggles!

  2. Nice tips Checkers! I told tank that real boys can have beauty tips. Bobo posted his on our blog yesterday.

    -Mollie Jo

  3. I will defer to my good friends Simba & Jazzi who left the following comment on my blog:

    "No beauty secrets? Guess you are like us. You just wake up looking cute."

    Couldn't have said it better myself...

  4. Some great tips there Checkers!

    Take care

  5. Great tips Checkers! I concur! except for zoomies. I hardly ever do that!


  6. Checkers that is excellant advice. Every dog needs to have their grooming tips, boys or girls. Paws up to you for being a real boy dog! I love some of your tips, the sleeping part is great and I love zoomies. We read about peekapoos on the other blog and loved it. We feel like we know so much about Checkers now. No one should ever dare call you a "mutt"! Not Checkers the Peek-a-poo!

    licks and sniffs, Sasha

  7. Great tips, Checkers! Pizza is healthy, I suppose!

  8. Great article on Peekapoos, Checkers!
    Personally, I think metrosexuals are H-O-T!! :-)
    Your pal,

  9. tHANK WOO FOR STOPPING BY MY BLOGGY... MY PAW ISN'T PURPLE BANDAGED UP ANYMORE. I still licks it a lot but.. I think it's just because I'm crazy.. BOL... glad you're back I was wondering what happened to Checkers? :)

    high five.. ouch that hurt- guess I should use my other paw..
    Bell girl

  10. I must be dumb - I had to figure out what a hooman was! But now that I know, I think your tips are great. Thanks! : )))

  11. Khongrats on the pawesome award...

    Woo shared some furry good 'beaWOOty' tips!

    It was also furry khool to read your published pawings about your breed!


  12. We loved your article on peekapoos, so not mutts!!! Congrats on your awards and we think you did a very manly job with your beauty tips. Tank will be very happy.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  13. My mom does the same thing wiff my paws, Checkers. :-)

  14. You are one popular and all ways dapper fellow, Checkers... and now that you are boaf author and also publisher of "beauty" secret... I fink you are in line for style editor PQ (Peekapoo Quarterly)!!!

    Just sayin!

    wif love from the Luke

  15. very good!! I printed it off for my peek-a-poo milly's mommy.