Friday, May 15, 2009

Almost 100 - New Clothes & Pink Baby Sleeps

In just a couple more posts I will have 100 -  I have something special planned so you will have to stay tuned - 

Mom found someone to knit for me and to sew for me -  here are a couple of photos -  I haven't been very cooperative so they aren't great photos  - we'll try more when she feels better
This is from Diana Designs NY - she makes custom sewn doggie clothes -- This is a wonderful outfit and I promise to pose and let mommy get a better shot - the others are totally blurred.  Miss Diana is making more for me - and, shhhhhh  don't tell, but she's making a couple for Suzuki too. -  So visit Diana Designs NY on ETSY if you need new clothes.    Be sure to tell her Checkers sent you over!!!    she also made me a little bone with my name on it -  I've hidden it so mom didn't get a picture - maybe tomorrow!

This is from EVERFELTBETTER - on Etsy - it's really soft and comfy - check out her shop on ETSY  -  not only is her stuff terrific she is great to work with!  Mom will be buying more from her!
You've seen pictures of one of the new beds I got in Nashville....this is the other's REALLY cushy -  I tried sharing it with Pink Baby for a while -  but she felt safer with the other stuffies........wonder why?????
Here she's moved on to be with her friends where she feels safe and sound......

But now......she's back with the Checkers because she wants to go out tomorrow and those other stuffies won't take her she's kissing up to me!
Now- can you keep a secret?    I have something else VERY Special that I bought on ETSY - I can't show you a picture of it because it is for Suzuki and it's REALLY special -  she should have it in a week or so -  I'm sure she will post a photo and tell you what it means.......when you see it I will let you know which ETSY store it came from - just let me tell you that the lady did a really good job on what she made for Suzuki

Mom has finished her tea and proabably needs to go to bed - hopefully the rain will stop tomorrow and her throat will feel better and we can take Pink Baby someplace.  Daddy won't be around but mom and I can manage just fine!   And of course, the Preakness runs tomorrow so I'll make sure Pink Baby gets the 411 on all the horses so that she can help call the race!   I think we're going for the filly!

If You Haven't seen this story - please take a look   CNN LINK  - I heard about it from my friends at Animals That Give Pause


  1. Wow!

    Aren't woo just the bestest etsy shopper! My mom has gotten lots of stuff from etsy inkhluding some things from Kira The BeaWOOtiful's mom's shop!

    Pink Baby is sooooo well behaved...I think she needs to phone Kylie and say hi - Kylie and her pawrents are furry sad now...

    I'm sure PB will enjoy The Preakness...we'll choose the horse we should have chosen in The Derby: #8

    Hope your mom feels better soon!


  2. Hi Checkers!
    Suzuki started to read all of this bt I gave her a good hip and shoulder and knocked her out of the way. Your secrets are safe with me.
    Tahlia xxx

  3. Looks like someone enjoyed shopping!

    Great outfits!

    lots of woofs

  4. Awwww.. those are cute outfits!!!

    Adele, Vincent & Bella

  5. That the best kind of shopping when it for you!
    ~lickies, Ludo

  6. You look great with your outfits, Checkers!
    Have a great weekend!


  7. Those are some really nice new sweaters, my mom loves Etsy too!! Suzuki is one lucky girl to get so much awesome stuff from you. =) Hope PB wins at choosing a horse and your mom throat gets better soon.

  8. woww
    What a cool new jacket you have?
    And that beds look like sooo comfy :D
    kiko cant have anymore beds but a jacket maybe he dont destroy it ;)
    Chekers can you ask your mum if they got big big sizes?

  9. Hi Checkers,

    Nice clothes! I will have to tell mom to check out those stores. She likes buying us stuff to wear.

    PB liked hanging out with our stuffies too. I think they had much in common, so lots to talk about.

    Have a great weekend, hope you get out and about.

    Mom would like to watch the race but is worried something bad will happen to the filly, like it did with Eight Belles.

    Wags & wiggles,

  10. Great outfits you look very nice in them - i wonder if they come in jumbo sizes for full figured girls like me


  11. Ooooooh, I love your new outfits Checkers! Can't wait to see more.

    Congrats on the almost 100 post. I still have a ways to go.


  12. Hey Checkers, Dispatch thought he had lots of toys and clothes (Daddy won't let him wear the clothes, says they give him a headache, Dispatch not Daddy)but you have him beat I think. Dispatch would write but he's in his I didn't wanna get up yet mode this morning.
    Next week Dispatch will have company, Opal his cousin bulldog will be staying here so hopefully we will have pictures!!

  13. New beds! New cloves! Surprise for your girlfriend!!???!!

    You got a girlfriend!!!!

    All ways I bit jealous!!! Just kiddin, kinda... Checkers, you are great boy, and I love readin bout your life!!!

    wif love from the Luke