Friday, April 17, 2009

Okay, so get this….

Daddy comes in tonite and tells mommy - "hey - my client over in Jacksboro has Chihuahua puppies...they tried to give me one" The little girl was here and she said "Oh Dobby, please get one of them - I love Chihuahuas!" I'm sitting here and they're talking about chihuahuas!!!! Now don't get me wrong - I like Chihuahuas - I think they're adorable, but I don't think I want a little chihuahua running around taking the focus off of me!!!!!! I thought I wanted a little brother or sister - but after hearing that discussion I don't think so!!!!! I'm gonna get a T-shirt that says, "I'm and only dog and I want to keep it that way!"

Now onto other things.....The little girl came in last night - YEAH [except for the chihuahua thing] - I slept with her - I really like to sleep with her except that she squirms! Daddy took me out this morning because he wanted to let her sleep late, spring break and all. I was NOT a happy dog about that!!!!!! I tried and tried and tried to get into the room but I couldn't and she slept until 10:30! Lazy little thing!

This afternoon we went to that dog park again. They had turned the water off in the "falls" - but the little girl and I played in the rocks - At first we were the only dog there except for a cute little pug. Her name was Lilly. We had a lot of fun and then these bossy people came with a jack russell and a heeler [what's a heeler?] Anyway the heeler was as mean as a snake, he came through the gates raring to go and went after little Lilly. He really tore into her. Mommy got scared and grabbed me [it wasn't hard cause I ran right to her] Lilly's dad was very upset. It seemed that Lilly was okay but very frightened. The bossy people said "oh it's okay, John is a very friendly dog!" - YEAH RIGHT! If he was friendly I'd hate to see him if he was angry! Well, Lilly and I went to the other side to get away from John - but those people let that dog come right back over to us and go after little Lilly again!!!!!! Once again the bossy people blamed it on Lilly - who by the way was doing nothing but minding her very own business! Lilly and her daddy left.

By now there were a couple of other nice doggies there and they too were trying to avoid John and the bossy people. A little yorkie came - the same one who was there last Sunday - his name is Wilson and he was mounting this little black and white mix that was so cute. It was pretty funny - Wilson's mommy was mortified - and Sadie [the little black and white mix] was just trying to get away. And then guess who came back......that's right JOHN!!!!! He started growling at us little dogs and went after Sadie. Well, we'd all had ENOUGH of John and we asked the bossy people to take him away. They told us again what a nice doggie he is! We were not convinced. All of our parents put us on leashes. The bossy people did NOT put John on a leash!

It's a BIG park - again we tried to go to another area - but the bossy people kept throwing John's ball toward us. By now there were several more dogs for John to terrorize - at least they were bigger ones....So now the bossy people went to their car and got one of those collars that shocks the dog!!!! Now I didn't much like John, but, a shock collar! Even for John that was a little much!

I'd like to go back to the park - but not if JOHN is there! Mommy said she'd have to think about it!

I don't think daddy and the little girl are going to get to do Chalk The Walk this week-end because Daddy has to do something on Saturday - I don't know what exactly - but he said he doesn't think he can go and mommy, well first she has ZERO artistic talent and 2nd she is way too old and out of shape to kneel/sit on concrete for 2 days drawing on the sidewalk! Maybe we'll just go into Knoxville and see what everyone else is doing!

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Also, the very sweet and wonderful Brind'Amour was kind enough to give me this award!

Thanks Brind'Amour


  1. What a dreadful dog that John is! Well, perhaps it wasn't John so much as his unthinking hoomans. Sorry you had a bad dog park experience. We go every day to the dog park and occasionally there is a jerky dog...we either go to the other side (for little dogs) or else mommy takes us to another park. I am only interested in playing fetch and Hootie is the big socialite. He always goes up to the biggest dog & says hi!
    XO-BabyRD & Hootie

  2. HI Checkers,

    What a rotten apple John was being. To bad his parents are clueless too. I hope your next visit to the dog park is Johnless.

    Your little girl sure is a sweet thing. I bet she keeps you running.

    Wags & wiggles,

  3. Whoa, I'd be afraid of John too, no matter what his mom and dad say about him. Watch out for him!

    You're very welcome for the award! You surely deserve it!!


  4. Hi Checkers,

    John sounds like he needs some training! It's not his fault he acts that way, it's his pawrent's!

    Congrats on your award. :-)

    Sniffs and licks,


  5. Congrats on your award! hope you have fun with lil girl although there was JOHN!!!

    best regards

  6. congrats on the award ... very chic indeed!
    and glad to hear you had another fun outing at the park. enjoy the weekend, checkie!

  7. Sometimes there are bad apples at the dog parks and I'm not barking about the doggies - I'm woofing about their owners - boooooo. Shock collar? Booo. So sorry about your experience there (and others' experiences too). Nice award though! You DO have a wonderful blog!!!
    Hugs and Love,
    xo Sammie

  8. Glad Lilly got to come over! Was she trying to use you as a pillow in those pictures I saw??? Kids are so strange sometimes...I had to take care of some little humans yesterday and I will be blogging about it soon. :) Anyway, bummer about the dog park incident. Poor John to get shocked....maybe if his lazy owner were more cognizant of the surroundings and just used a little positive reinforcement then he could learn how to behave. I feel sorry for John. :( Hopefully next time you go back it will be better. That is one fancy dog park. :)


  9. DawgMom says John's hoomans are the ones that need a shock collar! Stoopid hoomans! They should know better! We feel bad for little Lilly. Glad yer little girl is back home.

    Feather, Darla, Pappy & LizzaBella

  10. Hi, Checkers!
    I agree with our friends. It is not John's fault... it is his owners fault!
    Better stay away from them!
    Glad you are having a great time with Lilly.
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  11. Socialization big plus for doggies. And it too bad that alld ogs not have it. Fact is... that just big shame on owner... but sweet dog like you pay price.

    I happy you ok. And wish for you better day in great park!

    Wif love from the thunderphobic Luke who spent most of day in bunker due to really bad storms!!!