Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Pet for the Obama Kids

Okay - now - At first our president said they would prefer a shelter dog or "a mutt like me" - and I went HOORAY - while I'm a "designer dog" - I'm really just a "mutt" - but that's okay - cause my human mommy loves me to pieces anyway - she says - "hey, I'm an adopted mutt too! nobody wanted me when I was born" - I'm rambling and getting "off topic" - Anyway, it looked like the Obamas would be getting a shelter dog and a mutt - then we heard they were getting a Portuguese Water Dog - now that was okay - I'm assuming that this little guy/gal would be coming from a rescue of some type. BUT - now here is a report out there that some folks want to give him a Peruvian Hairless - YIKES! I'm just not buying into that one! I mean - I'm sure they are very nice dogs - but come on folks - this is going to be the doggie for 2 little girls - I realize one of them is allergic - but a hairless dog? No, no, no........little girls need to have something cuddly and fuzzy to cuddle up with. LIKE ME - I'm good for allergy sufferers - I don't have an undercoat! I don't shed - AND I'm a terrific sized little fellow. Don't get me wrong I dont want to go personally because I have a terrific family here - but I think those little girls need a cute little guy like me.

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