Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Designer Dog Rant

Well – it’s apparently been a stressful day for mom here. She went in to Knoxville this morning on business but somewhere along the way she got off track with someone about “designer dogs”…so when she got home we had to sit down and have a talk. You see my mom agrees with President Obama - “a lot of dogs are mutts like me”

Now, I know, I know I’m a Peek-A-Poo and we’ve been around since the 50’s – but we have no illusions about exactly what I am. Of course we think the AKC should recognize us as a breed because, like I said, we’ve been around for a VERY long time!!!! But, the bottom line is I am a mutt, I always will be a mutt - but I’m a loveable mutt and my mommy and daddy love me just the same as if I had those fancy papers!

The truth of the matter is that probably 80% of the dogs bought from breeders are kept as pets. Sure, there are some that are working dogs, show dogs, etc. but the VAST MAJORITY are kept in homes by families just like mine. Every dog my folks bought before me were dogs with “papers” - mommy said they were no better than me!

My mommy and daddy waited 8 years to get another dog after their beloved Springer Spaniel, Keats, crossed over the rainbow bridge. All they wanted was another pet – and they found me. When I got sick a few weeks ago they took me to the vet, paid for my intensive care and took me to the University of Tennessee Veterinary hospital to get me taken care of. The cost was over $2000 but they have not complained about the cost or blamed the lady who has my parents. They just contacted her to let her know what was wrong with me and that it might be congenital - my folks are very responsible about their pets [I’m neutered and the cats are all fixed too]

So today someone told mommy that she shouldn’t have gotten a “designer dog”. They chastised her for not getting a pound puppy. First of all, what business is it of theirs? Second of all, if mommy hadn’t gotten me I could have ended up in a shelter!!! Truth is, mommy looked in shelters but they didn’t have any little dogs that didn’t shed…but whatever the reason mommy got me and it’s nobody’s business. We’re all for people going to shelters. Mommy writes a pretty big check with four figures on it every year to our local shelter – so we think we’re doing our part for shelter dogs. We also donate all the food I refuse to eat to the shelter and toys I don’t like. So get off our case!!!!!

I don’t know why people have to bash people who want designer dogs!

Hey’ we’re not thrilled with breeders, designers or pure bred, who charge exhorbitant amounts of money for dogs that are going to be family pets. Designer breeders are in the business of making money! DUH! Purebred Breeders are in the business of making money! As long as there is a market out there of people who are willing to pay $2000 and more for a dog these people will keep the prices up. If the people stop paying those prices then the prices will drop!! -

Same thing with puppy mills - if people will STOP buying dogs at pet stores then pet stores will stop getting dogs from puppy mills and puppy mills will have to close down!!!!

Breeders say they genetically test their dogs! Give me a break! If that were the case then why are so many small dogs suffering from Liver Shunt! Sure some do the testing but I bet that percentage is below 15% of breeders. And the AKC doesn't keep tabs on these breeders to the extent of stopping them. I know some folks who bought a dog that ended up with a Liver Shunt - when they contacted the breeder the breeder said it wasn't their fault. The owner called the AKC to stop the breeder and were told "that's not our job". Pleeeeeeeeease.......you are "registering"" these dogs with a congenital, sometimes life threatening disease. You don't refuse the registration of the puppies from these dogs.....so how are you controlling genetic defects????????

Bottom line is we’re all dogs - pure bred, designer or just plain ‘ole mutt! Just like humans are all humans whether they are white, black, brown or pink! And most importantly – my mommy and daddy love me and I love them!!!!!!!!


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  1. We totally agree with you, Checkers! You don't have to have fancy paperwork to be the most loved doggie ever! You are very cute, ya know!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch